Friday, March 16, 2012

To hold you over...week 19

All right, so I missed my 19 week post last week...but not the pictures.  This past Wednesday was the 20 week mark - halfway baby!  We had our 20 week sonogram, which was pretty amazing (more on that in the next post), but the baby is progressing great with its growth and all the things it needs to live are there (heart, brain, arms, legs, etc.)

But from week 18 to 19....I feel like I kind of popped out.  It's pretty crazy.   Take a look

By the way, this is a maternity shirt and it might be my favorite one because it works great with leggings and it was pretty warm the day I was wearing it and was perfect!  From Old Navy and on sale!

P.S. Jimmy made me pull my shirt back on this one so you can see the bump better - haha.

So there it is.  Tonight is the big reveal to our families if Baby Carter will be a little miss or mister.  Lucky for you, I'm going to set my blog post revealing it to post at be on the look out!!

I thought it would be SUPER hard to keep it a secret for 3 whole days, but it has turned out being not too hard (I'm good at saying "it" - even when people try to trick me and say things like..."Oh, did you say "his" on accident?" - and I didn't - or like..."so you said you are filling the cupcakes with pink filling?" - nope didn't say that either!!).  It has been fun and something special for just Jimmy and I to know.  And I'm glad we did it like this because I liked getting to see the full view of the sonogram and learn what we are having there and just the two of us.  Not sure why, but it felt special.  Everyone does it differently, but this definitely worked for us.  Especially when I started crying (just tears, not like sobbing) and literally felt like I was never ever going to stop because I was sitting there staring at our baby.  That's 1/2 me and 1/2 Jimmy.  And it was moving inside me.  It made me realize even more what a miracle this whole process is and how thankful I am to be blessed to carry this baby.  God is pretty amazing.

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  1. I love these posts and how you describe your emotions when you look at the ultrasound. That is exactly what I feel like I would be thinking. Makes it so much more real. Cannot wait to hear the news tonight! love you guys