Monday, March 26, 2012

A party to announce a baby BOY

When Jimmy and I first decided that we were for sure going to find out if we were having a boy or girl at 20 weeks - I convinced him it would be fun to get our families and just a few close friends together to make the official announcement.  As I mentioned before, we really wanted just us to find out first and together at the doctor's we kept it a secret for about 2 days and everyone was set to come over at 6:30 on a Friday evening to my parents house (which was so so nice of them to host it) to eat some dinner and hear the news.

My mom had quite the set up and we had been tossing around ideas the week before about the decor.  I say the "mustaches and bows" thing and found that hilarious and lucky for us, Hallmark had a party game that I found with some pretty sweet sister and I tied the bows right before the party.

My mom's door decorations - remember she had no idea.  She also said backwards question marks are really hard to do - haha, so funny and true mom!

I made some cupcakes with the blue cream cheese filling hidden inside.  Jimmy decorated them himself.  He asked if he could help - and that was the job I gave him.  He did pretty good for last minute!  You get the point, right?

My cake I made with homemade buttercream frosting.  I have to say, it wasn't hard to make but I should have chilled it a bit before frosting, but it was DELICIOUS.

Blue or pink!??

My sister's decorations in my parents kitchen.  So fun!

So once everyone arrived...we had a great time catching up while my sister entertained our nieces and nephews up in the Barbie room.  It was PERFECT weather that night, so lots of the fun and conversations took place in my parents back yard.  It was wonderful.  After everyone's votes were cast and a delicious pasta meal that my mom and uncle prepared was eaten, it was that time!!  I did feel bad because I thought we would for sure have told everyone by 7:30PM (hence when the blog post was going to auto-post)...but then the clock kept ticking along and it wasn't time to announce because people were still eating.  I kept having to push it back....haha...and I'm so sorry to Molly who text messaged me and said she was waiting at her computer for the announcement!!!  AHH!!  But...eventually, it was read to tell everyone the big news.

And this is how we did it.  We had all our nieces and nephews sit around the kitchen table and we gave them all a cupcake and did a countdown to eating the cupcake to see what color was in the middle.  If you cannot tell - Ben was super excited (he is in the green shirt) because he was really hoping it was a boy!!

And the video to find out how it was revealed.  Pretty funny and really fun!!  Ben took a HUGE bite and then yelled it was blue and it's a boy!

After that (the KU game was on that night at like 9:30PM), people started filing out...but a few stayed.  and we had a little bit of fun.  With the mustaches....

Kenlie and the mustache!
Kenlie, Ben and Libbie all with mustaches! 
Oh Ben - he's so pumped for a new member of the boy's club
Then Eli decided to give it a try
And then Katy...the fun didn't stop.

Kenlie and I
And it made it to the cup..
And then my stomach.  This is a HORRIBLE angle view, but pretty funny!
Wassup Libbie?
And finally, we ended the night with grabbing a few pictures of me and Jimmy.  I tend to take pictures of lots of other people, but don't get any good ones of us.  And I wanted one that night of us.  Because it was a big night.  With lots of excitement about the news.  Way too many wonderful presents and books and new clothes for Baby Boy Carter (and even a new maternity dress for Mama Carter - very cute!!!).  And best of all, lots and lots of love from our family members and friends for us, each other and especially this sweet little baby to be.  

We couldn't have had a better time celebrating the exciting news with our families!  We are so blessed Thank you to everyone who came over to hear the news and was anticipating it via blog, facebook or text!  We love you! 

Oh man..what do you think this little boy is going to LOOK like?  Red hair or brown!?!?


  1. Looks like it was a great party!!! The mustaches and bow are so cute. And I guess Emily Griffin still has a pretty good track record :)

  2. SOOOO FUNNN!!!!! Ok, you guys are making me want one too. :)

  3. I have been wondering how you did the big reveal with your families! So fun. Yay for Baby Boy Carter!!