Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Built ins

This past weekend, we wrapped up (well, almost) a few of the projects that I insisted on starting before moving everything out of the office (which will become the nursery).  The first was in the downstairs family room.  Since we mounted the TV above the fireplace, it made the need for the TV stand obsolete, but we still needed a place to put all the stuff that connects to the TV and hide those cords.  In come the wall kitchen cabinets that I got for 20% off and painted white.

See them now??

But where are the cords?  Well my dad and Jimmy rock and ran all the cords into the cabinet...which we will eventually organize and utilize this storage space.  I'm sure there won't be any toys in here eventually .

The tops I actually had enough MDF 3/4" thick left over from the upstairs project, painted those and affixed them on top.  Now what I need help with?  What to do with the top part?  Maybe floating shelves?  Not sure.  Any thoughts?   Pinterest....?

Now onto the upstairs.  I wanted to build onto the already built ins.  And my vision was clear with me, but not so much with my dad.  So I kept pushing through and he kept wondering what the end result was going to be after I made him hang the TV and strategically string the wires/cords to behind where a shelf was going to go.

Well, it finally came to fruition on Saturday after I spent Friday night (so cool) sanding/cutting down the top sheets of MDF at 1/2" and glueing them and painting them so they made 1" topper to match the other built ins...and leaving exactly 1/4" on top for a glass topper.  Whew.  Too much measuring...but guess what?  According to Roger, it was perfect and he couldn't believe how good I measured it...coming from my dad, pretty much the best compliment ever.  Take a look (still need to nail on the front piece of trim that covers up the unpainted part and get some extra molding, since that broke off).

See, no cords!!

I also got a little technical because this is the area I want to function as our home "hub" with the computer charging there.  So I had them run more wire so I could easily plug and unplug stuff in and our very easily.  And when we need to use the printer (which is very rare), that cord is run down to the printer on the bottom shelf and can easily be plugged into the computer!  Jimmy said it was a stupid idea, but loved it afterwords.  Surprise, surprise.

Remember what it looked like before and then "after" and now....

...more recent after....

Updated after.....(again - with a few more finishing touches to come)
I'm loving it a lot and am looking forward to the final touches.  I am thinking of painting that wall...but don't tell Jimmy!!

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  1. Looks great Brittany! Those lower cabinets will make great storage for baby toys:).