Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Sundays

Even after a fun Saturday night with friends, this morning I was up bright and early (as usual) ready to take on the day.  Instead of heading to church at nine, we had other plans, which included a Bruns family outing to see the Hunger Games movie at 10AM.  Since I was up at 7:15AM...I took the boys on a walk.  Boys meaning Willy and Toby.  I feel bad leaving Miss Milly behind, but she cannot make it through our desired route without me having to carry her.

Nothing beats a beautiful spring Sunday morning.  I couldn't believe how nice it was outside and it was perfect weather for my favorite back work out capris, a t-shirt of Jimmy's and a long sleeve Pi Phi shirt.  It was a serene morning where no one else was out and the sun was rising.  There were a few neighbors that we welcomed as we walked by at the end of their driveway that were in their PJ's getting the newspaper.  But other than that, it was the rising sun, peace and quiet, a tree-filled street with green grass and blooming flowers with me and my three baby boys.  Yep, three little boys.  One is still cooking, but he appreciates the morning walk I'm sure.

Here's the thing about me when I go on walks.  I don't wear an iPod or have any music.  Weird, huh?  I literally love walking down the streets and hearing silence or soaking up the sounds of a busy afternoon or evening in the neighborhood.  It makes me wonder if all those Myers-Briggs test I take that say I'm an ENFJ are right...because I really do feel like I get my true energy and relaxation from within.  In peace and quiet.  Something I know might be short I'm taking what I can get.

On my walk this morning I couldn't help but think about life and all the things that come with each season of the year and also each season of life.  But this spring in Kansas City couldn't be more glorious.  We were super spoiled with never having to shovel the driveway this winter and we were complaining that 40 degrees was "cold".  Last winter - I was happy to see above freezing temperatures and praying that the snow would stop eventually.  I'm welcoming spring and summer with open arms.  It means warmer weather, but also means some babies are coming!!  Jackson Matlock will hopefully be making his debut in the next few days...then Baby Moore and Baby Carter and Baby Calcara.  Whew!!  It's crazy that my friends and are old and mature enough to have babies of our own!

In the mean time - this post really is pointless, but just loved the weather and sunshine and time with my sweet boys this morning.  Excited for more of that to come...

Our tree that usually blooms around our anniversary, bloomed a month early!

Love these daffodils that come back no fail every year!

And guess what, I spy some blooms on the azaleas that everyone said I had died!! NOPE!

Love this time of year.

PS The movie lived up to its hype. Totally in love.

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