Monday, March 12, 2012

Friday Night out #2

So I mentioned a while back that we went out TWO Friday nights in a row, which is pretty out of the ordinary for us, which was really fun!  The first was out in Kansas City and for the second one, we decided to go on an impromtu road trip to Lawrence, KS - just about 20 minutes away.  I was having a craving for some fried pickles and wings from my favorite place in Lawrence (Jefferson's), so we decided to invite my sister and friend (Sarah) and made a night of it.  

Jefferson's was delicious, as always.  I will say that fried pickles and wings are a little better when you can sip on a beer, but hey, I lived, right?  After eating, we headed to Louise's West, which was a frequent spot we used to go in college when I was visiting Jimmy.  It's kind of a hole in the wall, but it has photo hunt (the naked kind, duh) and delicious bloody mary's.  This time, I ordered mine minus the vodka, and let me tell was absolutely YUMMY.  I couldn't believe it.  And it was $1!  How's that for a non-alcoholic delicious drink.  Love it.  And we completely dominated the photo hunt and didn't leave until we had 3 high scores.  Typical.

Me and Sarah's back as we are completely focused
Girls picture!
Second girl's picture!
Next we headed out and went straight to the party, which of course is at the Hawk.  We were there early (of course) and it was a $5 cover.  But guess what, they didn't have change or something weird like that, so we all got in free.  Sweet.  It was funny giving them my REAL driver's license which states that I'm 26 years old instead of those silly fake ID's that are a thing of the past.

Since we were there so early, so got a killer seat in the main bar and waited patiently for the pine room to open.  We love the pine room.  So in the mean time, we snapped a picture, just for fun.

I am still unsure of when the pine room "opens", but Jimmy decided to check it out and when he walked in, apparently that was the signal that it was open because everyone followed him.  Lucky for us, he got a killer booth.  Major score in the Hawk world, especially when you are old and pregnant and need a seat with a back on it.

This was also when I made my first trip to the bathroom.  And I'm not going to lie, the whole night I was kind of giddy because it was fun thinking that this is where Jimmy talked to me for the first time in July of 2005 and now here we are five and a half years later at the same place, but married and with a baby on the way.  Pretty unreal.  So of course, just like when we were engaged (wedding word vomit), the word vomit is starting to emerge.  But this time is pregnant word vomit.  I'm so weird.

Here it goes.  I get out of the bathroom stall and a girl is washing her hands.  She looks at my wrist band (everyone at the Hawk gets them) and says "Oh my gosh, I love your wrist band...I don't have that one yet and am collecting all the different ones I get." (weird, but funny).  Then I proceed to say "Isn't the Hawk so fun?  Enjoy it - I met my husband here over 5 years ago and now we are having a baby!".  Random girl says, "Oh my gosh, how exciting!  Congrats!"  I mean, it was a funny conversation that I thought might end up in like a group hug or something awkward like that.  And walking out, I just felt super old.

Anyway - it was then time for more pictures.  At this point, it was starting to get super crowded.

Cheers to Lyndsay and Jimmy!
Sarah and I toasting (I'm enjoying my coke to stay awake)
And then my husband starting telling my sister how much I loved sitting on the top of the booths when we were in college.  Because it was just so cool.  So because we obviously knew no one in the bar - I agreed to do it once more for old times sake - but mainly because you still can't really tell that I'm pregnant, right? Haha.  It was fun, kind of.

Sarah having some fun with me
And then my friends - I hit a wall.  And since I was responsible for driving everyone home, I made everyone leave and end the night.  Because I was literally about ready to fall asleep at the bar.  But not before grabbing a picture outside at the spot five and a half years ago at the Hawk that Jimmy told me I was "hot" and that was it - completely smitten - haha.  But I guess it did turn out great!

Oh but we didn't make it out of Lawrence without the stop at Quik Trip.  Jimmy of course got the standard taquitos.  I got a drink and a blow pop and Lyndsay and Sarah walked out 6 donuts?  Haha.

Overall, it was a pretty good night.  And I was more impressed because I stayed up until like 12:30!!  Wahoo!!

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