Wednesday, March 28, 2012

See ya bathtub

The bathtub was going to stay.  But then we started looking at it closer and it was gross and the prices for someone to come in and reseal it would be about as much as we were going to pay for a brand new bathtub.  So when Evan, the plumber (and friend haha), came over...I asked him for his candid advice as to whether we should take the whole thing.  He said yes because if we left the bathtub in...for him to get to the drain to fix (which was the WORST part) he would have to go through the ceiling, which means we have to tear up the ceiling in the half bath below.  Um, no thank you.  So we decided, out the bathtub would go.

However, that is easier said than done because the bathtub is the original to the house and it's like at least 200 lbs.  and there is no way you can get it through the door in one piece.  Well, Jimmy and Evan were put to work to try to move it out from the wall.

Oh yes, they are so strong.
Since trying to move it around did not work, my dad decided to cut it in half.  Yep, cut the bathtub right in half.  I don't want to see what that saw blade looks like because I'm sure that wasn't easy to cut at all.

But they finally got it cut in half...and out went Jimmy the strong man went.  Well actually, each half was so heavy that my dad and Jimmy had to carry it together.  It probably didn't help that I was watching them the whole way in the hallway, down the stairs and through the entryway saying "Please don't drop the bathtub on my new wood floors!!!!".  I know, not that helpful, but still I really like those floors.

My dad and Jimmy preparing to throw 1/2 the bathtub in the dumpster
Up it goes...
And success!!!
And there you have it.  An empty and completely demolished bathroom.  What you won't believe is what it looks like already today - lots of work been going on!!

While Jimmy always says that he has the hardest part because I make him and my dad do all the manual labor - I think my job is super hard too...which is planning and buying all the materials, including tile and a vanity.  AHH!  I cannot decide what exactly I want to do, but need to make a decision soon because it's time for the new bathtub to go in and the backer board to go down and the tiling to start!  Wahoo!!

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