Friday, March 9, 2012

Get ready...

We now have this little baby gracing the presence of our driveway...for the next 10 days...

Guess what that means??  We are starting the bathroom renovation #2 (guest bath) this weekend!  My dad is responsible for the demolition and he's on spring break this next week and is nice enough to help us get this done during his time off!

Remember this???  Going to completely change BIG TIME.  Everything out (except the tub & toilet)!

So are we crazy?  Absolutely.  However, as most home projects go, I am sure I will be miserable (and Jimmy as well) during the whole thing, but after will be well worth it, especially with a new bathroom for baby Carter to bathe and brush their teeth (well, when they get those teeth) in!  Yeah! (at least this time the demolition won't be a surprise, right??) 

I have lots to blog about...but little time.  Work has been consuming my evenings this week and had a grad school midterm due last Monday and then a 30 min presentation this Monday (AH!!).  So going to try to catch up a bit this weekend as I have lots to talk about!

Happy Friday!!

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