Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let there be light

Not sure if you noticed or saw a random window frame in the bathroom wall when we took down the sheetrock...but we did.  And my dad was bound and determined to make it an actual window.  Our guess is that when they built the house the plan called for framing a window in the bathroom (we have a window in our other 2 bathrooms) but then maybe the original homeowner didn't want it?  Not sure.  But that framing made our lives a lot easier because my dad just measured (measured a lot and very precisely) and cut a hole in our house for a window.  It made me rather nervous at first, but guess what?  I wasn't there to be nervous for it because when we got home from a fun fundraiser at St. James with Danny and Kristen on Saturday afternoon, I saw the light coming from underneath the bathroom door.  And walked in to see a hole in the bathroom.  Check it out.

Dad - where are you!?!?  You cut a hole in the house and then take off!?
This was our entertainment....
 But doesn't it look good?  Check it out from the inside (obviously you can still see the old shower head).  We will just tile around it and the bathtub will go right under it...

Check it out from the outside.  Of course it matches up perfectly and right in line with the window in our own master bath (just on the left of the new window).  This is after it's covered up for the evening.  The 1/2 bath is just directly underneath the new window too!

And guess what?  My dad and Jimmy didn't stop there.  On Sunday, he put the glass window blocks in and it looks oh so good.  I did feel really bad because he kept wanting to keep working even through the KU game that was on Sunday afternoon.  It was such a big game even I was watching it...but he insisted on getting everything perfect and getting it done.  That's my dad for you.  And guess what?  KU ended up winning, so he was happy when he left our house with a KU win and a completed window.   I love the window so much and can't wait to see how it changes the bathroom - brings in so much light!!

Check it out from the inside.  The cement between the blocks is still drying, but seriously?  My dad is like a professional.  I love it!!!  And Baby Carter will love it too - I think that is his new motivation!

Another fun addition that was made per my request for some more light?  A can light perfectly situated over the bathtub (or future bathtub that is sitting in our garage....) to give whoever is in the shower a littler more light.  Again, more electrical genius from my dad.  He did work at the electrical company for a long time pre-wife and pre-kids, so he knows what he is doing.  And he's really good at it!!

There you have it....where the progress stands so far.  We are getting there.  Bathtub is in the garage.  Vanity is on it's way (ordered online because it wasn't in the store) and the tile is picked out - just need to go buy it.  We are on our way folks.  Because next up, I will need help with the nursery!!


  1. Your Dad is awesome... I need a handy man in my life!

  2. That's awesome! Way to go Bruns/Carter construction!