Friday, March 16, 2012

BOY or GIRL?? Halfway there!!!

After 3 full days of holding it it.....and now that our families know...Jimmy and I are very happy for our little baby to make it's first picture debut.  First, let me show you what we saw the very first time we got to see and hear little Baby Carter at 10 weeks into the pregnancy.

So small (at only 1 inch), but that little thing that was so small literally changed our lives forever.  I really wasn't convinced that I was pregnant (no signs, except those like 5 pregnancy test I took and the doctor's confirmation...).  But this confirmed it and that heart beat, well that was music to our ears and we hoped and prayed it would continue to develop.  And it did.  Because 10 weeks later, we saw this:

And it was something that looked like a baby!!  And it was our baby, even better, right?  It looks so big on the screen, but really still about 6-6.5in long and 11 ounces (so still a little thing).  But it has a head (2 inches big) with a brain, heart, lungs, and developing bones with arms and legs - all the important things.  I couldn't have been more relieved when the technician said everything looked great.

And then she moved a little farther down and got a few more shots...and guess what she found?  A little baby boy part!  Yes, that's right folks, I officially am growing a little baby BOY Carter in my stomach.  Which is so so so exciting and so crazy all at the same time!!! I think it's funny that she zoomed in.  Sorry baby Carter (I promise I won't put any more of these revealing pictures on the internet...but just this once because I needed the proof!!)

So there you have it...while I do think Jimmy would have made a phenomenal dad to a little girl (mainly because she would have him wrapped around her little finger immediately), he is going to have a little boy aka mini Jimmy as he calls him already.  He also calls him Jamal - which I promise will not be his name, but apparently he thinks it's funny.  Oh mini-Jimmy, how happy and nervous that makes me all at the same time.  Happy because Jimmy is a phenomenal man, husband, friend, and person.  Nervous because of all the stories we have shared with each other about the things we did growing up....and I swear if my kid is caught doing some of the things that Jimmy did when he was his age...well, let's just say he won't see the light of day for a few weeks - or months.  The good news is, we have a while until we get to that point, so my blood pressure can drop now!!!

But a boy!!!!!!!  I'm so excited!!!  I can't wait!!!!  

I literally couldn't stop the tears laying there watching our little boy dreaming and thinking about all the things to come and just how much we already love him.

Here are some 20 week bump pictures too...

(kind of embarrassing, but as I see pictures of myself EVERY week, you might come to realize just how boring my wardrobe is...all neutrals...but hey, that's life!)

How far along: 20 weeks
Size of Baby Carter: 11 oz and 6.5 inches
Fruit/vegetable comparison: Size of a cantaloupe
Total weight gain: At 19 weeks I hit the 10 lb mark and at 20 it was 11.5lb, whoa baby!
Sleep: Decent - besides the whole peeing thing
Movement: I think little moves, but nothing big.  We even saw him kick during the sonogram, but I didn't feel anything!
Unglamorous body changes: I guess the growing belly, but it has been fun that it's taken shape into making me look like I'm actually pregnant and not just fat!
Food cravings: None the last few weeks!
What I miss: I'm going to go with my daily 4 cups of coffee - miss that and the extra energy!!
Strange experiences: Getting my belly touched by someone else for the first time!!
Milestones: He has tastebuds, so he can taste all the food I'm feeding him!!
Best moment this week: Seeing the little mister move around in my stomach, finding out the gender AND finally - telling our families after holding it in for a few days!!!  And finally getting to say HE versus IT

P.S. Will need tips from mommy friends on boys - growing up with a sister, I'm clueless!!  It's a good thing lots of my friends have had baby boys lately!!!


  1. Yay! Congrats! Boys are so fun. And I hear they love their mommies:). Bring on a hap-pee baby!!! You'll learn to be quick with the diaper changes or you'll get peed on! You will clean it off the wall, the dresser, yourself, ha! Just an fyi, the pee-pee tee-pees don't work! So fun...congrats on your mini Jimmy:)

  2. Brittany - so happy and excited for you guys! Hopefully he holds on past Lauren's wedding! :)