Thursday, March 1, 2012

I am 18...just like Justin

In honor of Justin Bieber's 18th birthday today (I know you love that Heather...), what a better day for some updated belly pics?  I missed week 17, but started with week 16 - so really only missed one week right?  Well - I missed the blog post, but not the pictures....

It honestly blows my mind that my stomach slowly but surely gets bigger and (A) It's completely acceptable because I know, I'm supposed to be getting bigger and (B) how weird it feels/looks to me!!  It's just so crazy having that bump there.  I keep thinking - this can't get bigger and then it does!

Pictures with the dogs...of course.  Toby was no where to be found!

Now onto 18 weeks!  Not that much different, but snapped these on the self timer prior to work.  You can tell because my hair looks much better in this one then the one above.  Reminder: don't take these pictures after a long day. 

We went to the doctor for our monthly appointment on Wednesday and everything is going good!  Heartbeat was a strong 140 (was 178, then 160, now 140...) and I'm still feeling good.  Every time we go for these I feel like they are pointless because nothing really happens, but just being there and hearing the heartbeat and talking to my doctor makes me just feel better, so I guess that's why they exist.  Oh yeah, it helps that my blood pressure is good and everything I know they check (like how I have to pee in a cup every time) is good.  Keep that in mind, Brittany.

 And the baby bump continues to grow.  Tight sweaters obviously make it look bigger...

Standard dog picture.  Literally I just grab the closest dog to me when these are happening.  It was Willy again.  He was modest today though (hence his little thing covered!)

But this my friends is what happens when you (1) have a self timer, (2) are scrambling to find a dog, (3) the dog sits and looks at  you when you tell him to come take a picture, (4) you quickly grab the dog and run into the picture.  These are the results....but good thing Willy looks so handsome.  I have a double chin.

How far along: 18 weeks
Size of Baby Carter: 6-7 oz and 5-6 inches
Fruit/vegetable comparison:Size of a sweet potato
Total weight gain: According to my scale, 7.5-8 lbs.
Sleep: Much better since we got a Snoogle 2 weeks ago
Movement: I swear I felt a little something the other night at 2AM during Milly's barking wake up call.  3 little movements.  However, I have no idea and quite frankly could have just been gas....
Unglamorous body changes: still mainly the bigger belly!
Food cravings: I finally got my fried pickles last Friday...really wanted those!
What I miss: Someone told me about chocolate wine at work and I said "I want to try that" and then realized that will have to wait...
Strange experiences: Going car shopping and the car salesmen making me realize all the "mom" scenarios that will make my life a whole lot different....
Milestones: S/he is yawning, hiccuping, sucking and swallowing.  That's NUTS that is happening in my stomach!!
Best moment this week: Thinking that I felt the baby moving!!  Oh and finding a day care that has an opening in the year of 2012.  All the other ones?  Late 2013 and one way January 2014....I explained to them they had to be wrong because it was February 2012...oh no, they weren't.  (more on this later...)

We are on the 2 week countdown to finding out boy or girl (and being at the halfway mark)!!  We are getting our families together that Friday after to reveal to them what it is, so it will be fun to do that and have it be our little secret for a few days too!!  Hopefully s/he will cooperate during the sonogram too!!


  1. I am soo anxious to know what the sex is! You look so cute!

  2. I have a feeling you are having a boy...we will see!

  3. Here is what I think everyone is having. Ali- Boy, V- Girl and for you I am undecided!! I will place my bet when it gets closer... oh, and I am ALWAYS right :) (actually I have about a 4 out of 5 success rate going). I probably just jinxed myself. You look cute cute cute city!

  4. We are actually due August 21st, but I've heard you can feel baby earlier after your first pregnancy because you know what you're feeling... :) It's pretty hard to determine in the beginning, and I even question myself now because it's so early! :)

    You look adorable though! What an exciting time for you and your hubby! I am going to go ahead and guess a boy for you two, when do you find out? We are finding out March 26th.

    Let me know too if you ever would ever like to consider maternity pictures with me, I am looking to build my portfolio but have samples of my work at I would be honored! :)

  5. Wow, I've been thinking girl this whole time, but I might be changing my mind and going with everyone else. I can't wait for guys to find out!!

  6. Brittany, you look great! I'm so excited for you and Jimmy! I'm with Vanessa.... I'm thinking girl :)