Monday, March 19, 2012

Knock em' down

In the midst of all this baby and pregnancy fun...we have been keeping quite busy doing other things.  (and yes, we will admit we are crazy, so we are on the same page and wonder why we do things like this...)  Other things like demolishing our guest bathroom.  Well, really my dad and Jimmy have been doing that.  Take a look.

After taking the walls/nasty tile down.

Continuing along with taking the walls out.  Bye bye blue tile.  Not sad to see it go.

I was there to make sure that nothing bad happened (aka something dropped and ruined our wood floors that were recently refinished) while hauling all the demo stuff out!  This was my solution!

And Jimmy, well he is the muscles of this group.  Here he is carrying out half of the vanity down the stairs (very carefully, as I'm standing there saying "please don't drop it on the floor!!")

And better yet, it was pouring down rain.  What a guy...even stopping to pose for a picture!

And here is my dad, the brains behind the operation and the brains behind the demo.  Here he is in the midst of it all with half of the vanity he had to cut to make it manageable to get out the door and into the dumpster.

Oh and then they started taking out the floor.  Which apparently is same 2 inches of concrete that was in our master bathroom, but my dad took care of all that by himself when we weren't there.  Wow.  Doesn't like that look like fun?  Jimmy looks a little defeated...

Here was what the aftermath looked like in the entry hall after the initial demolition day.

And I mentioned before that the tub was going to stay...well.  That decision is no more.  The biggest problem with the bathroom was actually the tub and that it didn't have good water pressure and it literally didn't drain - hardly at all.  It was embarrassing.  After Evan came over (our plumber and friend) to take a look, he said it would be best to take it out so he can get to the drain - otherwise he would have to go through the ceiling in the bathroom just underneath there.  So guess what happened next?  Out the bath tub went.  Oh the pictures of that are just grand.  Because it is SUPER heavy.

As of this day 1 of demo, there was just one small plumbing leak.  So that is good.

However, there was a bit of a mishap when the floor was coming up (I received a frantic phone call from Jimmy about it, but luckily it was Evan to the rescue and our house didn't that is good).  But as anyone who does a DIY project knows, I'm sure there will be PLENTY more mishaps.  That's the fun of it right???

Right...keep telling yourself that...however, there is progress and this was 2 weekends ago, so more progress was made this past week and weekend.  And we are ordering a new bathtub and vanity this week, so that's pretty exciting!!!

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