Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tile is up!!!

Wowza - I'm completely behind on updating the blog with the bathroom renovation status.  Let me tell you - my dad, Jimmy and Dave (yes, we recruited Dave again to tile!) have been working hard and long to transform the bathroom.  Last time I posted about the bathroom, it looked like this...

Well, then Jimmy worked hard (by himself) to put up the concrete backer board over Easter weekend.  He was pretty much rock star husband status at that point because I was so impressed at how hard he worked and got it all up by himself!  Way to go Jam!

Then he painted it with some water protectant/sealant so it would always stay super dry.  Let me say this.  Whoever buys this house down the road is very lucky because we don't cut corners on these DIY projects.  They will be very lucky!!!  I am not going to lie though, the pink kind of freaked me out for a little bit!!!  Also, if you notice my dad and Jimmy got the sheetrock up (the green kind because it's a bathroom) for the bathroom walls that will be painted.

Then Jimmy and Dave worked hard to get all the shower tile up, but I made them stop on Sunday night so we could go eat Thai food.  This mama has to eat.  But they made LOTS of progress the weekend following Easter and I could really see it coming together!!!

And my dad started working on mudding the sheetrock to get it all nice and looks like an actual wall.  Did you know that building walls are so much work?!?!   In our bathroom we hired a few guys to do this mudding work and pretty much we paid them $300 and they did a terrible job.  Like not sanded at all and every time I sit on the toilet in our master bathroom I stare at the walls and curse them under my breath.  So while this is a hard process, my dad decided to take it upon himself to be perfect.  He is a perfectionist....

Then Jimmy and Dave worked hard on his birthday (I know, I'm a slave driver) and the night following to finish up all the tile, including the floor.  And seriously, how good does it look and what a great job they did.  My dad came over later that week and was SUPER impressed with the lines all straight (especially the floor since the room isn't square).  I love it.  I always get super stressed and nervous when picking tile out because it looks good individually but then you always hope and pray that it looks good when it's all up in the space.  But I have to say, I love it.  A lot.  And the vanity that was delivered a few weeks ago (all 190 lbs of it) will look so awesome once we get it in there.

The walls are also ready to be primed and then painted.  Wahoo!  It's really starting to look like a bathroom.  I couldn't be more excited.  And the amazing thing is, we have been working on the nursery simultaneously, and it's actually all coming together!!

Couldn't be more thankful for my dad and Jimmy and friends willing to help, Evan and Dave!!  This complete bathroom renovation will come in at a LOT less than we expected and a LOT LOT LOT less that what I got a bid for a contractor to do the work.  While it takes time, to save that much money and get just exactly what I want - I can be patient.  Baby Carter is one lucky little guy to bathe in this new bathtub someday and brush his teeth in this new sink.  Now if I can just figure out a way to make sure he doesn't pee all over the walls......

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