Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The future Mrs. Matlock folks

You are never going to believe when you see these pictures that this girl just had a baby 3 weeks ago, but yes sir she did.  Remember when we showered Baby Jackson with things?  Well this time it was Miss Emily's (and Jeff's) turn to get spoiled with fun things to celebrate their upcoming nuptials - in just 3 weeks!!  Cannot believe their wedding is almost here!!

The shower was hosted by her bridesmaids, 3 of her sisters, Vanessa and I....but also by Emily's amazing stepmom, Sharon.  Sharon is pretty much the rock star shower planner.  I need a Sharon in my life for all big events!!!!

Check out the set up - Sharon even made those super awesome tissue paper flowers.  Yep, she's a pinterest expert folks!!

And check out this food spread.  Oh my goodness!!!  It included mini waffles with syrup cups, sopapilla cheesecake, mini fruit pizzas, chocolate covered strawberries, donut hole trees, cinnamon rolls on a stick, sausage and cheese crescent squares, mini quiches, veggie pizza AND a delicious cake.

On top of that, Sharon had some bloody mary's, OJ and mimosas - oh my goodness.  YUMMY!

And in came the bride herself.  I'm not going to lie, when she walked in the door looking all sexy in that dress, her aviator sunglasses on and her sweet little baby in hand - she looked like a natural and super stylish mom.  I loved it!!!  And guess what?  This was her first alcoholic drink in ten months!  I caught it on camera people.  

Me and the bride to be!!  (PS - please tell me I will look as skinny as she does 21 days post baby!!).  Hot  mama - love the dress!!

And don't worry Vanessa, everyone throughly enjoyed the game props!!!  Haha, so fun!!

Emily and 3 of her 4 sisters!!  Can't wait for the wedding day to celebrate with them as wel!

Emily and Jeff got lots of awesome stuff - but I have to say it was mainly for Jeff, right, Em?  Haha!  He is a pro in the kitchen and will be super pumped for the bowls, plates, platters, kitchen toys (salad spinner) AND the dutch oven that I got them.  Love it!

While Emily was the star of the party...her sweet little son might have stole the show from her.  I don't think she minded though.  We just all kind of passed him around in awe of how handsome and sweet he is!!!  Look at how happy all these girls look!  What a sweet little baby boy!

But we also had lots of fun with him too - including the props thanks to Vanessa!  Emily and Jeff - this is what your son will look like with facial hair someday.  Actually, it might be more like what he would look like if he was born a really long time ago in the saloon days.  How cute is this picture!?!?!?

And how adorable is this candid shot of Molly and Jackson.  She was in awe of this little boy.  He is so sweet!!!

So we ended the shower with goodbyes, but Sharon had much more planned for the afternoon and evening.  We had originally planned to do Emily's bachelorette party that evening, but then they found out that Jimmy Buffett was in town at the Sprint Center.  And this family is CRAZY about Jimmy Buffett.  So she decided to cancel the bachelorette party and go in style with her family downtown to a concert she always wanted to see.

I have to say, it looked like they all had SO much fun from all the facebook pictures, videos and posts.  Check out her bachelorette style from a picture I stole from facebook.

So cheers to Emily and Jeff!!  What a wonderful shower and hope you had so much fun at the concert that night!  Cannot WAIT until May 12 for you big day and celebrate with you both and your families! You guys are an amazing couple and already amazing parents, so I know you have such a fabulous married life ahead of you!!!

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