Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Jamalam's birthday

Happy tax day birthday Jimmy!!!!

So this post is going to have a different tone, more fun and less smoochy.  Since I just publicly proclaimed my undying love for my husband in the post on our anniversary, this is just plain old amusing and shows you just how fun, funny and amusing my husband is.  Very fitting for his 28th birthday, right?? 

Here he is.  This is Jimmy before I met him 7 years ago.  We call this "pre-Brittany" time.  See the hair?  I never knew him when he had that full head of beautiful red hair - front calic and all.  Right before he met me, he shaved his head to what it looks like today and never looked back.  He calls it the turning point in his life.  I call it a good decision.

Here is a glimpse of him - hot body and all - pre-Brittany, post hair cut time of his life.  Looking good Jam.  The funny thing about this picture is that his best guy friend Jay actually took it and posted it on facebook.  For some reason I think that makes this picture that much better.  My friends actually got a hold of this and blew it up huge and hung it up for my bachelorette party.  I still have the huge poster.  Not sure what I will do with it, but don't worry - it will show up in his future at some time.  

And then we met.  And went on a cruise just 6 months or so after we met with mutual friends.  And he still was taking sexy body pictures.  He still was ripped and proud of it.  However, the squinting made it a little less manly...but still has that six pack.  I love it that he poses for these pictures.  So awesome.

Another event on the cruise?  Well, this was tagged on facebook by Vanessa with the comment of "Jimbo on his big night".  And boy it was.  This was when his obsession with drinking wine started.  White wine that is.  Which he has since had to give up because of another incident following that involved too much white wine mixed with hot wings.  Not a blog appropriate story, but pretty funny.  Look at his tanned burned skin too.  That's those fair Irish genes that I love!!!

This guy also developed a huge love of little wiener dogs after we met.  While we know have Milly and Willy as part of our little family, Jimmy was a huge lover of Daisy and Puddles (my parents dogs) first.  Check out him and Daisy sharing some love.  So cute.  He told me the other day he didn't even know wiener dogs existed pre-Brittany.  He said he was glad we met.  I'm glad he's glad.

Jimmy was also a good sport when it came to dressing up for date parties.  He always took his costumes to the extreme and always rocked them in style.  He still does  Perfect example below is of the 80s date party our senior year of college.  Love the coach shorts. He rocked them very well.

I even caught a shot from the back side.  Looking good Jam.

Over the last 7 years, Jimmy has stayed true to himself and his wonderful personality.  He still loves to dance.  From the days at the Hawk to rocking it at our friend's weddings....he still looks good doing it.

And he will FOREVER love neon shirts.  Neon shirts and bandanas.  Even when he's cooking up a delicious meal, he sports the neon and rocks it well.


 But I can get him to rock the camera bag quite well.  And help me out when he's needed.  Again, he can wear anything and look good.  Haha!!


One thing I do know, he is going to be a great dad.  28 will be a big year for you Jam.  It will be a big year for us.  And I can't wait.  A family of 3 (or really 6 if you count the dogs, which some people do and some people don't).  And yes, I am positive our son will "dig" you because you are the best and will be a great role model.  We will be lucky if he turns into half the man you are!!

Look at this picture I found of Jimmy and our nephew, Eli, when he was little (he's 5 now!!).  It's a little Jimmy and he's so cute!!


In the mean time, before the arrival of our son and Jimmy doesn't have him around to dress him up in matching outfits as Jimmy - he will continue to dress Willy up in them.  Poor dog.  Haha!

And even when this baby comes, I'm positive that he will still keep his silly and fun attitude.  And will forever be able to make me laugh.  One of the MANY qualities why he's the greatest.  Can always put a smile on my face and has a positive attitude - even when I go all crazy pregnant wife on him.  Which has happened.  Maybe twice.

But as crazy as you may be, you still are pretty dang handsome.  And I'm lucky to have you as my husband....a great team we make today and a great team we will make as parents!!

Did I mention he's pretty dang professional too?  Check out his fancy corporate photo.  Looking good salesman!  That's probably why he won all these things for top sales.  He's a baller.

As he enjoys his 28th birthday - we'll be going to lunch at Ponak's with a group to celebrate - wanted to let you know Jimmy that you are the best.  I'm so lucky to have you and I wish you many more years of health, happiness and birthday's we can celebrate together and top them off with a kiss.

Jimmy at his cube with the photo his work friends blew up!

Many more happy birthday's and cheers to a great year ahead of you and us!!! Love you!

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