Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nursery fun - give me some inspiration

After my first of many baby breakdowns last week, I am more calm now.  I promise.  Still crazy, but a little more calm.

I have actually started to narrow down some nursery decor ideas in hopes of actually having a room somewhat prepared prior to this little mister's arrival on or around August 1.  So that's good right?  After talking to some really smart people, here is some inspiration photos that I found online that I really like.  By the way, you will notice the trend of the wainscoting on the bottom portion of the room. DIY style (similar to what my friend Ali did with her back nursery wall, which looks amazing!).  So after Jimmy finishes tiling the bathroom, this is his new project.  I think Jimmy is going to be excited when the baby comes and isn't getting consistent project added to this list.  3.5 more months babe!!  But I am pretty convinced on doing a navy, white and lime green nursery color palette. 

But where I'm stuck I keep it neutral on top, like the picture below???  Or....

Source I go BOLD and paint the navy on top???  (I found LOTS of navy on top inspiration)

(I really like that geometric shaped bedding below - I have a thing for shapes, you should see my wedding dress pattern and matching wedding invites that have geometric shapes - I'm weird)



So what do you think??  And do you think if we did the white wainscoting that a white crib would still suffice???  Hmmmmm - so many things to think about.   Oh wait, did you think in that post I said I was going to buy the crib.  Yep, I was.  But I didn't.  At Easter at my in-laws I was having a breakdown in front of all my sister-in-laws (no crying, just hysterical and non-stop freaking out) and one of them recommended this book....Baby Bargains....


So before I went all crazy, I decided to order it on Amazon and it arrived.  I read the crib portion last night and was happy I waited to buy the crib.  Of course this means more thinking to do, but now I'm torn between white and another color to offset it?  Thoughts?  Ideas?  I'm taking anything I can get!

I did find this mood board that I really liked the color mix - but thinking that the green might need to POP a bit more. 

Here is a sample of the bedding I sent my mom.  She and my aunt are busy dreaming up some good ideas on what they can make.  I'm confident that this kid will have some pretty sweet curtains though because my aunt is AMAZING at making curtains.  But see - this has a black crib!  Hmmmm - and then I'm like "convertible crib vs. regular crib".  TOO MANY CHOICES PEOPLE.  I'M NOT UP FOR THIS RIGHT NOW!!!


What I am up for deciding for sure is that I need one of THESE in my nursery.  I love it so much.  We found the perfect one at Buy Buy Baby the other day when we were in there and it's similar to this but with just white piping and not with the fringy stuff.  But it was a recliner and glider.  Probably the most expensive thing we will purchase, but I hear it's worth having something comfy to fall asleep in on those nights when the kid just refuses to sleep or eat or (even worse) both.  So I think I've got my heart, mind and our wallet set on this puppy.

And then comes the flooring problem.  So we refinished all our hardwood floors last summer and that means rugs are a crucial part of each room, especially in a babies room.  Well, I found a ton of rugs I just loved so so much.  But guess what?  They were ranging from $300-600.  Um, no thanks.  I'm not going to pay for that to put in a nursery that my kid will probably spit, pee, poo and throw up on eventually.  I was sad because I couldn't find anything.  And then remember I told you I was ranting and raving to my sister-in-laws.  Well, guess what?  It helped because one of them suggested to try out this carpet/rug store on 73rd and Wornall.  She said they had great rugs at a great price.  On my way home from work on Monday and I decided to just make a quick pit stop to see if I could find something (anything) that I liked for like $100 or less.  When I walked into the shop/warehouse thing and told the guy what I was looking for, he didn't seem to think they had what I was looking for.  Until we walked over in the other building.  And turned the corner.  And he pointed to it.  A plain navy rug.  5X8 for $40.  That's right, $40.  On sale.  Um, pretty sure someone was looking out for my sanity that day.  I lost it at the rug store.  Literally almost started crying and pretty much told him my life story and about my nursery breakdown and how my husband is mad because I cannot make any decisions without this rug.  And how much I loved him because he found it for me.  He kept laughing and saying "I'm glad your must really NEED this rug".  Yes sir, I did.  My sanity needed it.  My nursery needed it.  My husband needed it.  And we are all very thankful for your assistance.  And thank you Trish for the recommendation!!!!!!!  Wahoo!

No source because this is in the room!!
This is a terrible picture and the room is a mess with the daybed and desk still in it and the yellowish walls.  But it will get there.  It has to.  So one step at a time.

Anyway, would appreciate any commentary or thoughts.  Not promising I will take the advice, but I'd love to know what you think about the following:

1) Love or hate the wainscoting idea?
2) Neutral paint on top or BOLD navy paint?
3) Would a white crib and furniture still look ok, or should I go with something else?
4) Convertible crib vs. regular crib?

I'm not looking for a genie here to transform the room just some unbiased guidance.......


  1. I love the wainscoting idea, I always lean towards neutral paint especially since you got the navy rug, but at the same time those navy walls are awesome so I think you can't go wrong, and I think either crib would look great! NO matter what it will be perfect!! (sorry I'm not much help!)

  2. 1) Yes to wainscoating
    2) BOLD PAINT PLEASE our house is so bland and plain (in a good way)
    3) White crib. Black and navy wont mix
    4) Regular Crib. We'll use it again i'm sure and from what I read its better to do that and hold onto it and buy a regular kid bed down the road, should the need arise

  3. 1) Definite to wainscoating
    2) I like the bold. It's a kid's a little:)
    3) White will look great
    4) There's lots of different opinions on this one, but we went with a convertible. We will use the crib again for baby number 2, but the convertible will come in handy down the road for one of the kids to have a big kid full size bed. Plus, we went dark so it would also make a nice headboard for a guest bedroom.

    Must splurge on the chair! Carson in only 4.5 months old, and I have spent SO many hours in that chair. I am SO happy we didn't go the bargain route on this one.

  4. Wainscoting - yes!
    White - good for a boy or (future) girl
    I say no convertible...what if you want to build a bed for your little one? Or they want a themed bed? So many other options for future beds than being tied to the convertible you bought. Just my opinion...

    And, I'm with Krista. Not that we've used our chair yet, but I spent a good chunk of change on the glider/ottoman and LOVE it so much already!

  5. So I'm not a grandma yet, and my son is all grown up, but I do remember hours spent in our overstuffed rocker while he teethed or was ill or just wanted mom - get a good comfortable one!
    The walls can be bold with the white wainscoating - white always keeps it fresh. The walls: navy is a neutral too, so is gray and everything goes with it and there are a million shades of gray - from blues, to greens to browns in the gray family. Good luck!