Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter post

I'm only 2 weeks late on this!!  But wanted to post about our Easter fun (and mainly show off my MIL's super cute Easter decor and our super cute nieces and nephews on their Easter egg hunt!!).  We had a busy holiday weekend and Sunday was filled with lots of family time.

Saturday night, we went to a late service at 7PM and it was just wonderful.  Then we used a gift card and went on an early anniversary dinner to Bonefish Grill and really really liked it.  Oh my goodness, the bang bang shrimp was just as  delicious as everyone worked it up to be!!

So come Sunday, we were hosting Easter lunch for my mom's side of the family at our house.  My dad was in Iowa for the weekend visiting his parents, so my mom and sister came over early to help out with any last minute cooking disasters assistance that I needed.  And guess what else my sister brought?  This pretty amazing cupcake bouquet that she assembled at our house with 3 different types of cupcakes - lemon with lemon frosting, funfetti and chocolate with the pink frosting.  How freaking cute does this look?  AND it was delicious!  A successful pinterest creation!!

My grandmother, granddaddy, aunt Cindy and her two kids, my uncle Roland and mom and sister all made it over to enjoy some spiral ham, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, coleslaw salad, rolls and of course - my grandmother's delicious pies.  It was quite the feast and I have to say...I didn't mind cooking because we enjoyed the leftovers the following week for lunch and even breakfast (cooked the ham with some eggs).

Here is a picture of just the girls outside our house that my grandmother made us take!!

Then we headed over to Jimmy's parents house for the annual Carter Easter egg hunt and meal.  It just gets better and better each year because the kids get older and they can read their names on the eggs and run around everywhere looking for them.  Even Will joined in on he fun this year with a little help from his dad!  Ben was in full force!

Norah, Maren and Libbie were getting their eggs, with just a little help from Lindsay and Jimmy!

It seems to me in this picture that there are more adults picking up eggs than kids - haha!

Miss Katy and Eli were having a good time too!!

And after all the eggs were collected - the fun began and everyone got to open their eggs.  So fun.  And it was fun to watch because Kinley and Eli kept bringing over candy for Baby Carter to enjoy.  How cute is that??

Luckily the weather was just fabulous for the egg hunt.  And then we headed inside to start getting dinner ready. And of course, my mother-in-law had her house decorated just perfect for the season and to celebrate the resurrection.  Check out these cookies that SHE MAKES!!  I know, and they are so delicious to eat also!!!

Check out this table set up!  So pretty!!!!

Gifts for all the kids.  Annual Easter socks.  Baby Carter even had a present!!!!
So after a delicious dinner and the kids opened their presents, it was time for dessert.  Lindsay made some really yummy cocoa crisp with peeps  also.  Boy were we stuffed.  And look at these kids.  Ben and Libbie!!  It's amazing they are getting so old!!!

Overall, a successful holiday and wow was I ready for bed after that day!!  Stuffed full of food and had a blast spending time with family.  April is always such a fun month at our house and this was just the beginning.  I already blogged about our anniversary, which followed close after Easter and then Jimmy's birthday.  Lots and lots to celebrate and be thankful for!!

Now I'm caught up with April - almost.  Can you believe April is almost over?!?!!/

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