Sunday, April 8, 2012

23 weeks - Baby breakdown #1

The 23 week mark came and went before I could even realize it.  This week was craziness because it was Jimmy's national sales meeting for work so he was working and at dinners every night this week until like 9:30 and I was working crazy hours trying to get a presentation done.  Needless to say, the week flew by and before we knew it the weekend was here and our 23 week mark came and went.  

However, it wasn't uneventful at all.  Mid-week I pretty much had a pregnancy break down.  Hmm...sound familiar?  Well, I seemed to have a few of these when planning our wedding (#1, #2, #3...and those were just the ones I had time to document).  There might be a trend and indicate that I have a problem with planning too many things and then not realizing the date will come regardless if I am ready or not (or I guess in this case the baby....which I'm going to go ahead and saying a baby unprepared is a bit worse than a wedding unprepared).  Back to the break down.  Ok, so I know I'm 23 weeks pregnant, right?  But when you tell normal people I usually talk in months (it's easier to understand - because the whole pregnancy timeline is super confusing to even someone who work with numbers as their job).  So I have been saying 5 months, 5 and a half months, etc.  I was ok with 5 months because that meant I had about 5 more left.  Even steven.  But this week the nursery questions starting coming.  "what does it look like?" "what are your colors" and when my response was "I have no idea" - people's reactions were like "WTF".  This lady at work was like "You are 6 months pregnant and have no clue....what if your baby comes early?  You need to get on that".  And for some reason, it clicked.  I'm going to guess that the "6 month" statement was the trigger point.  I lost it.

Why?  I guess because when other people are pregnant you think to yourself, "wow, 6 months pregnant, pretty much almost there, right?".  And then next thing you know they have their baby.  So really the 4 months in between as a bystander you don't realize all the things they are doing.  Well, I apparently took the bystander approach because guess what people?!??  Life is busy, work is busy and school is busy.  And I'm tired with a sore back, so on the nights I should be scouring the internet for nursery ideas and registry stuff - I'm sleeping!!!  But all of that has to change.  And it did this week.  After that discussion at work on Tuesday, I went home and didn't sit down until I went to bed until 10:30.  Cleared out the entire office to make room for the nursery.  Wednesday after work I went through the internet and found ideas (kind of), but overall really expensive rugs that I can't justify buying since they are going to pooped, peed and puked on.  Friday, Jimmy and I both had the day off and it was supposed to just be relaxing and hang out to celebrate our upcoming wedding anniversary...but I took him all over town looking at baby furniture, bedding, etc.  You know he loved that.  And now there are only 2 pieces of furniture left in the nursery, I'm going to order his crib and changing table online today (yes, I will - just do it) and my mom talked me off the ledge after breaking down about bedding and we have a plan.

Not an uneventful week at all.  More like a "you need to get your butt in gear mom to be" week.  Oh and we need to register.  But that's for next week, right?  Because we have to finish our bathroom too.  Because at 5 months pregnant I made my dad and husband demo it.  So don't feel sorry for me, I do this to myself.  Because I'm a nut job.

But I'm a nut job that has a big baby bump that continues to grow.  And a baby boy inside me that loves listening to music (kicks a lot when it's on), loves going on walks and is just so wonderful.  A baby boy that no matter how unprepared we are with all the other stuff is loved so much and couldn't make his mom happier when he kicks her - even if it wakes her up.  I love it.  I even told Jimmy at dinner last night that I loved being pregnant.  I hope I don't regret being one of those women, but really, it's pretty amazing and I feel so incredibly blessed to carry this little boy around with me all day and that he's my responsibility.  I love it.  I love him.  And here we are.....

Going on our nightly walks with his 2 dog brothers
And a work picture - ehhh....
But I had to do a full frontal to make myself feel a little better!
How far along: 23 weeks
Size of Baby BOY Carter: 12.7-20.8 oz (that's a wide range, I'm guessing like 13-14 oz) and 11.8 inches 
Fruit/vegetable comparison: Size of a pomegrante (by the way, I had last week's wrong!!)
Total weight gain: 13lbs
Sleep:  Better.
Movement: Jimmy got to feel him kick!!!  And so did my sister and my friend that sits next to me in grad school - haha, pretty much I'm amazed at the whole kicking thing and just leave my hand my stomach so I can feel it inside and out.  So awesome!
Unglamorous body changes: Stomach just kind of hurts because it just hangs there!  And the whole back thing - always hurting!!
Food cravings: Ate tons of edamame last week.
What I miss: Sushi again!
Strange experiences: None this week 
Milestones: His face is formed and he can hear stuff (including dogs bark - oh great!)
Best moment this week: Feeling him kick a TON and finally getting to have Jimmy feel it.  And got more serious with the name talk, so we are feeling better about eventually deciding on that!!!


  1. You look GREAT!!! So cute! Keep in mind that the babe won't know any different if the nursery isn't perfect :) But I am sure I will understand your breakdown eventually!!

  2. One thing you'll notice is that everyone has an opionion about EVERYTHING. Don't let that affect you at all, it only gets worse when the baby's born and everyone has an opionion about how you should parent. But just remember you're the mama and what you say goes, period! (and if you're planning on letting the babe sleep in your room for a while anyways you won't need the nursery done till he's 6 months or so :)