Monday, April 23, 2012

First baby "toy"

This past Friday night, my parents treated us to dinner for Jimmy's birthday.  It was his pick as to where we were going to go eat.  He chose to try out Swaggers at their new location in Martin City, MO.  My uncle just got a job there and it opened just a week earlier.  It was featured on Diner's, Drive ins and Dives and had some pretty interesting dishes.  One was called the "Dead Texan" which Jimmy dared to try.  It was two grilled cheese sandwiches that served as the "bun" of the burger, with a 1/3 lb burger, cheese, jalapenos, an egg and mayo.  All I think of when I hear that is heartburn - which I already had plenty of going on after the onion ring appetizers.  Jimmy was in love with the Dead Texan though!!

Afterwords, because my sister wouldn't let my mom bring the present they bought from Jimmy into the we were going back out to our cars, Lyndsay spotted a tropical sno place just across the street.  It was JUST like Tad's in Manhattan and so good.  So we decided to go and let Jimmy open up his present there.  Yummmmm......

And then it was the time for the big reveal.  The present that I knew Jimmy had been waiting for LONG before we ever knew this baby boy was on his way.  He loved using it with our nieces and nephews.  And finally - he was going to have one of his own.

And after he opened it up...well, he was pretty excited he tried it on right then and there.  Well, after he struggled a bit to figure out how it actually worked.

And ended up with it a little too high - but don't worry, he was all smiles.  He said now he was ready for our son to come because he just thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Guess what?  I'm pretty excited to see our little boy in it too hanging out with his dad.

But don't you worry - the fun didn't stop there.  Remember that we have two little dogs at home right? Both under the 25lb Baby Bjorn weight limit.  So of COURSE when we got home, what do you think Jimmy did??

Milly loved it!
Willy did too

But the fun didn't stop on Friday night - it continued into the Saturday night fun and Milly was getting the hang of it a lot better.  She even put her paw through the baby arm hole.

So needless to say - it was a fun weekend at the Carter house, if you cannot tell.  Haha.  (PS sorry for the bad picture quality.  Still trying to figure out how to get those great iPhone pictures from my phone to still look good when transferring to my blog!).  I will say - great present mom!  Jimmy loved it and I know it will go to good use

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  1. Just ordered ours today. Andrew is so excited to wear it at football games!