Sunday, April 8, 2012

Concert pictures!

Friday night my sister took me out on the town (and yes, I was an expensive date because parking was $15!!!) to the Lady A concert at the Sprint Center.  It was crazy because we kept talking about when we went to the Taylor Swift concert together 2 years ago this same weekend and our wedding was just only a week away.  And how I talked about getting married the whole time.  Well, guess what?  Not much has changed 2 years later...except my new topic of conversation was "OMG- can you believe I'm pregnant and having a baby?!"  Haha.  So thanks for always putting up with my going on and on Lyndsay!!

Before the concert!
Now for some concert pictures.  We got to our seats and literally one minute later the lights went down and Thompson Square came on (perfect timing).  And by the way, I previously posted it the was the Band Perry - welp, it wasn't.  But Thompson Square was pretty freaking awesome - they just won ACM country music duo of the year and were super cute because they are married.

Thompson Square
And then Darius Rucker came on.  And can I tell you how obsessed I was/am???  I mean I loved him before, but seeing him live this time was awesome.  I actually wish he would have just played all night long.  His songs are all so amazing.  Even the Hootie and the Blowfish ones.  I love him.  And so did lots of other people.  Loved how long he played even though he was just an opening act!

Wearing jeans, Bob Marley t-shirt and Nike baseball hat.  Love it.  And the red microphone!

Then there was quite a bit of a break in between him and Lady A.  My sister and I got to watch these girls next to us stand in the aisle and drink a lot of beer.  And talk.  And point down to my sister's friend and her bf and talk.  We were ready for them to come on.

And when they did, it was good.  I like them, but am not in love.  There are a few of their songs I really like and one of them is American Honey and it was SO sweet because before that song they were trying to get this 8 year old girl named Natalie to come up on stage....she was too shy to get up there...but they dedicated the song to her.  And I really like that song!!!

Cool stage with the "inner circle" of fans!
 And then....probably the best part....was they brought out all the opening acts and all sang together.  It was amazing and they all did a great job!!  And then they made Darius stay and sing another song.  Yep, that was a fabulous idea because he's just so good (how many times can I say that in this post).

Everyone singing together!!!
Then they came back after their encore and played one more song and then were done!  Overall, it was a great concert!!!  And the $4 water I got at the end was totally worth it because I was so thirsty!!!  Then my sister's friend, Sarah, wanted us to go out with her to P&L, but we decided to head home.  After an hour sitting in the parking garage (we decided we weren't very strategic about parking at all and my sister was low on gas), she dropped me off for another successful concert evening with my sister!!!  Love it and thank you for the wonderful Christmas present, Lyndsay!!

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  1. OMG! I was at that concert too! Nate SOMEHOW got front row tickets! That is me with my arm in the are next to the Thompson Square girl!