Monday, April 9, 2012

Random house changes and 500th post!

First off - this is my 500th post.  According to blogger.  Wow, that's insane.  With over 3 years of blogging, I have really enjoyed it and while I feel like I "have to" do it at times, I just think it's so worth it to look back and see all the stuff we have been up to!!  Random, but had to make note of that because I feel like 500 is a lot....
So while my husband, dad and friends diligently work on our bathroom, I seem to find random things to slowly change the decor around the house.  Mainly because of some excess furniture due to the office being converted to the nursery.  Here is what I did the past weekend!!

First, I needed something for the time being to go  on the right side of the downstairs family room wall. There was nothing there since that is where we used to have the TV before we mounted it.  And it's not that big of a deal...but it was just one of those things that every time I walked down those stairs that bothered me.  So Sunday morning laying in bed at like 6:30AM, I had an idea.  Take these random pictures that I used to have hanging on the wall in the dining room (the one that we tore down last Christmas...if you don't remember or are new...check it out) and put them to use.  Considering yesterday we spent like $1000 (not joking at all on the sheet rock, tile for the bathroom and then I went wild at Target to finish off the $200...sheesh), I was looking for a no-spend idea and this was it.

Poor right side feels neglected
My original plan was to take the picture out and spray paint the frames black and then put in fabric under the glass (fabric that I had left over from making the curtains and pillows in this room).  However, Target had other plans for me.  Apparently framed pictures that you buy just don't "pop" out.  So I tried to cut them out and that didn't work because I broke some glass.  So it was on to plan B and this was only like 7AM, so my brain was already to work.

Enter in the formerly used frames
Instead I just took the leftover fabric and covered the entire frame and stapled it to the back.  Pretty simple.  Yep.  Free.  Yep.  Right side no longer neglected?  Yep.  All of that equals a Happy Brittany.

New view...liking it a lot better.
 And I decided to give the entry hall a facelift.  I was really sad to see my bench go because I spent lots of time covering the bench cover.  However, no one used the bench at this time and it was kind of like the "place that junk sat".  So I decided to change that and move the storage piece that used to live in the office down there.  Correction - Jimmy moved it down there and I watched.  Gotta love being pregnant, right?  The rest of the stuff I just found and put there.  Except those super expensive baskets.  Target - you win with those.  Sheesh those things are expensive!!  But I'm sure our junk will appreciate how nice they are, right?

A little weekend fun for you, right?  So when will this nursery start....that is the question.

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