Sunday, July 22, 2012

38 weeks and the DATE

Well baby boy, you and I and your dad - we've come a long way.  This week was a big week for us!!!  Why??  Because at our doctor's appointment this last Tuesday, we learned you were about 7lbs (or 7.5?) and moving further and further down into your mama's pelvis (which I knew you were headed further down because guess what??  It's not that comfortable for me, as I'm sure it's not so great for you!).  We also learned that your mom GAINED 7lbs in just one week (YIKES!!).  Which that made our doctor pretty nervous.  Especially at our 4PM appointment she got to see in person the way my feet/legs look every day at the end of the day and just how swollen they are.  She was funny and made me feel better saying she's pretty sure that all 7lbs went right into my legs an feet in the form of fluid (she said that while she was squeezing my fat little sausage and fluid-filled legs).  A girl that I work with did make me feel better when she said - "hey, it's easier to lose fluid versus fat, right?".  So true my friend.  And as hard as that was to swallow....that did make me feel better.

So right there in the doctor's office she initiated THE conversation.  The conversation about how we felt about setting a date.  Your birthday actually.  Well only your birthday if you don't decide to come sooner.  But it came along with the dreaded word - induction.  I did think and do hope that you little boy choose to come on your own, but we made the decision to scoot you along into this world for both you and your mama.  What is that day?  Well, we will got to the hospital on Monday, July 30 at 8PM and then get the party started the morning of July 31st...and hopefully that will be the day!!  In talking to our doctor, which we trust a lot, we all felt very good about the situation.  Apparently I have Stage 3 edema swelling on my feet and legs (which the max is a 4) and because I'm pretty much in pain walking around all day, we decided it is good for all of us to set a date and get it going because you are ready, fully cooked and going to be a big baby (so she says).  Apparently my body is just not ready yet with no contractions or dilation, but 75% effaced.  And that was it.  When we walked out, it was just so crazy to think that:

1) we might not make it to our next doctor's appointment (but for the record it's this upcoming Tuesday, so we are likely going to make it there)...and
2) we had a date on the calendar when we get to meet you!!  OMG

So many emotions.  Fear, excitement, anxiety...but most of all just overwhelming love.  Thinking of the moment when your dad and I get to meet you and hold you in our arms.  After all this preparation for the last 9.5 months, we are ready.  I am ready.  We are thrilled you are ready and healthy and probably so stinking cute.  We literally cannot wait to meet you, whether that be in a few days or just a week or so.  It's just crazy to think how much we have changed during this time and how our hearts have literally changed already and molded into your parents.  It's pretty amazing and we are pretty excited.

But first, I was looking back at pictures and blog posts earlier today....and OMG - look at my stomach from the first stomach picture that I posted that I claimed to have a "bump" at - if only I would have known better as to what I would look like now!  Holy moly we have come along way you and me baby!! (and apparently I've gotten much better at taking self-timer portraits)

How far along: 38 weeks
Size of Baby BOY Carter: 7 - 7.5 lbs (maybe 8?)
Fruit/vegetable comparison: Size of a pumpkin 
Sleep: That is kind of non-existent at this point.  Tried to sleep in a recliner last night to see if that worked better, but it really doesn't!  But it will be over soon, right??
Movement: I loved that my sister got to stare at him moving all around in my stomach - he was probably stretching from just getting up from a nap (who knows!)
Unglamorous body changes: All I have to say is that if you read anything I typed above - my body is going through some crazy changes right now.
Food cravings: Still eating that watermelon like it's my job...
What I miss: I think I'm just more excited to look back now and have this little baby in my arms rather my stomach.  So very soon!!!!
Strange experiences: Just walking out with that date.  So crazy!!
Milestones: It says he might have an inch of hair (OMG - do you think it's red!?!?)
Best moment this week:  Being with Jimmy and making big decisions together. First of many as a family and it was so exciting knowing that we can do this together and still love each other and our baby boy no matter what comes our way.

So here we go - come on little baby!!!  We are ready to meet you!!


  1. So exciting! That first moment he looks at you will MELT you!

  2. How exciting! He is going to be here NEXT week!