Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Nursery window valance

Ok - next couple posts?  Nursery stuff!!  Yeah!!  And while we are still not 100% done, we are for the most part, which I'm ok with and makes me feel better.  The big things are in place and ready to go.  I just need to wash some things and figure out how to organize baby clothes better - and probably buy some diapers and wipes - you need those, right?  Kidding.

So here's the deal with the nursery fabric that was used for the bedding, curtains and potentially the changing table (my aunt asked what she can make and I'm thinking I want/need a few more changing pad covers.  I have heard lots of "explosion" stories and am pretty sure 2 might not cover it??).  I looked FOREVER for bedding.  At stores, online, etc.  We already had the color scheme picked out that we thought we wanted and had the paint square samples that I carried everywhere to compare/contrast.  I'm not really a "theme" person for some reason and wanted the nursery to look like a nursery, but also wanted it to reflect my style in the rest of the house.  I also wanted something that was bright and stimulating (somewhat) for the baby.  In come stripes and polka dots.  I mean who doesn't like that, right?  And if you didn't know from my wedding and the fact that I based all my paper products (invites, save the dates, programs, namecards, thank you notes, etc) off of a geometric design that was beaded in my dress - yes I'm crazy sometimes - you will know that I like shapes and stripes and things like that.  So now that I've provided you with far too much information about my thought process in getting to where we are today, I will tell you about the fabric and the get to the point of this post (via the title), making and hanging up the window valance.

I found this crib bedding on babybedding.com and liked it a lot.  But knew that my mom and I were pretty handy and could probably just buy the fabric - that was actually reasonably priced - and make it ourselves. 

So I got the swatches and tried them out.  I didn't like the navy fabric, so guess what I did?  Bought a King sheet set in Navy from Walmart.  Yep, I did that.  And I used it to make the crib skirt and it worked wonders.  I have other things up my sleeve too for the rest of it.  And then I ordered the fabric and this is what it looked like.

Top left striped: used for one side of crib bumper and the bottom of the crib skirt (still need to do that.  Top right green/white polka dot: used for the window valance, which I love.  Bottom left: used for the other side of the crib bumper and maybe a changing table pad cover.  And finally, bottom right striped - well, I bought 2 yards of that on a whim and ended up using it for a table cloth.  And I love it too.  So all around, good buys!!  $89 total for all the fabric!!

And onto the window valance.  I found this idea on this website I'm sure via pinterest.  I love window valances and honestly love curtains.  I just think they tie the whole room together and make it feel like a room for some reason.  It's just my personal opinion, but since I love them, I needed to make a bold statement.  Enter the DIY window valance. 

Since we are like a leftover wood yard, I didn't have to buy the MDF board.  I just cut it to size and bought the brackets to put it all together and make it sturdy.  AND then I cleared off our kitchen island and made that my workspace (we are a multi-function household).  All I did was buy some thin-ish batting from JoAnn's and stapled it on.  Very simple, even for someone who was like 8 months pregnant at the time....

Next up came cutting the fabric to size and staple gunning on top and WHA-LAH - you have a window valance/cornice, whatever you would like to call it. Since there was a pattern on it, I wanted to make sure it looked good from the front, but other than that, VERY simple.

(see the pole/rod on the inside??  That is there so we can hang panels to make the room dark!!)

I had in my head the whole mounting part would be super simple.  But it wasn't.  Go figure.  I used  this website to get the idea and the mounting instructions.  But pretty much it took my mom, dad and I like 3 hours to mount that and the bookshelves because we wanted it just perfect.  But I will tell you, it's just perfect.  We used some brackets that you had to attach into the wall first and then get them onto the valance.  Well I had cut it a little close to screw them on the inside and the batting didn't make it easy to drill holes.  But after much perseverance and some good ideas from my dad, they got it up and I couldn't love it more.  I am convinced that it kind of "finished off the room".  So thanks mom and dad for all your hard work on that!!  Now we just need to get that mirror up (haha - that's a whole other story for another time!!).

As you can see from the picture, there has been lots more work going on and more fun projects, so will share those soon!  But see all the fun fabric?  I love how it all isn't matchy-matchy but is tied together!  YEAH for progress!!!


  1. Your nursery looks so good. Something that can definitely be grown up in too! Congrats on your new edition.

  2. Looking good! I want to see it again in person!