Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guest bathroom renovation - check!

So I showed you the beginning of this guest bathroom renovation and then the middle aka demolition and more demolition with the decision to remove the bathroom and THEN the addition of the window but I left you last time with just that the tile finally went up.  That was WAY back in mid-April.  So you should be happy to know it's done, I'm using it in the morning to get ready and the bathtub is ready for when our little man arrives and he needs a bath.  I have to say it has come a LONG way....check it out.

The original bathroom and our "slight upgrade" after we moved in with some paint....see those floors...

And for some pictures reminder of where we started (from scratch....) literally ripping everything down, including the walls and finding a window cut out already.  So we took advantage of that to give us some light!

Then the sheetrock and backer board went up...then the tile (with some waterproofing behind the shower tile).

We had some helpers (Dave and Evan) and then my dad did the mudding of the sheetrock himself. 

Next up - the floors and the tile was finally DONE!!  wahoo! 

After getting a coat of beige paint on the wall, we got this little vanity that I LOVE from and finally was able to move it up from the garage into it's spot!

And I loved it.  Especially after Jimmy put up the matching glass tile squares as the backsplash (and boy oh boy that was not easy to find those tile squares because they were OUT at Home Depot, but luckily we found 2 more 12 X 12 squares at the one in Merriam) and my dad hung up the mirror!  Ah, I love it so much!

So finally got the shower rod up and found a shower curtain at Target that fit well and could also let some light through.  And here you have it!!

Here's what it looks like with the shower curtain pulled back (baby bath is in the tub)

And ta-da, with a new light and a $50 mirror...I'd say it looks pretty awesome.

I let my sister borrow the black until she gives them back, all I have is this little washcloth to use to dry off my hands.  

Still have some decorating and final touches to do - including finding a shelf to hang up over the toilet (found some ideas on Pinterest....) and get some pictures to hang up on the other side.  

But overall, I love that everything is new and looks so good!  Thanks again to my dad, Jimmy, Dave and Evan for all the help and work they did to get this done and done SO well.  I love it and love that this final big renovation is done prior to our little man's arrival.  Getting ready in the mornings is so much more fun in this bathroom AND it will be nice for our little man when he gets older!

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