Saturday, July 7, 2012

Maternity pictures!!

Sorry I keep saying this, but lots of things to blog about!!  However, I will have some picture heavy posts because I have to work all weekend, but want to get caught up on loading pictures in the mean I have a feeling I will have even less time after this sweet little boy decides to make his appearance.

Here are the maternity pictures we just got back from Amanda!  She did a great job and we actually thought they turned out pretty well, considering being pregnant and all.  I'm just glad these were taken pre-Brittany's swollen extremities!!  And it was actually like 60 degrees the night she took these at the end of May - where has that cool weather gone??

Without further adieu, I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves!  These were all taken in downtown Gardner, KS on a very windy day - however, Amanda did a great job and with the results you couldn't even tell that it was windy!

Then we headed back to Amanda's house and got some good shots as the sun was going down in her backyard.  These first two are with a watermelon...she asked me if there was anything I craved during my pregnancy that she could incorporate into the shoot. Really the only thing is watermelon.  Lots of it.  I bought 4 the other day at Hy-Vee because they were only $2.88 each.  So here you have it - multiple uses for a watermelon!

I like this one a lot!

It's so weird that I'm even bigger now then in these pictures - didn't think that could happen, haha.  But I was only 31 weeks then and now being 36.5 - you can tell this little man is growing fast!!  We're excited for him to get here and Amanda will take the first year of this little guys pictures!!!  She's done a great job with all our nieces and nephews, so we're looking forward to working with her.  And I told her I'm excited to do a photo shoot where our little man is the center of attention versus us!


  1. so cute Brittany! I love them!

  2. So fun! I love you in green. :)

  3. Great pictures! You're getting SO close!

  4. Love the pics!! You look great and are getting close!! Good luck with everything!!