Sunday, July 29, 2012

39 weeks and the highs and lows recap

We are going to the hospital TOMORROW night people if this baby has not decided he's ready to make his appearance to the world on his own.  I have to say he seems like his dad in this way and doesn't mind arriving late/making an entrance in terms of timing.  Not that he's technically "late yet" by any means, but according to the doctor we are measuring 1.5-2 weeks ahead, so this boy is fully cooked and ready to grace his presence with the outside world.

Yesterday morning we were running some last minute errands and we stopped at Kohl's for some non-baby related things and the lady checking us out so politely asked when I was due.  And when I said Tuesday - she said "Oh my goodness, I knew it was soon because you both (referring to me and my huge, low hanging stomach) look so ready".  If ready is I'm pretty much over many things about being pregnant and he's dropped so low and gotten so big and popped out in the front that none of my maternity shirts fit anymore...then yes, we are ready.

It's funny because I was telling Jimmy today I remember seeing Emily when she was at the end with Jackson at our gender reveal party and she was at that point.  The point of "yep, I'm pregnant, yep, super pregnant, yep, he can come any day, yep, I couldn't be more excited for him to get here".  Well, we're there.  Here is a list that I made so I won't forget.  I won't forget the bad...but also I won't forget the good.  There are (believe it or not) some things that I really liked about being pregnant.  I know we do want to have more kids - so while I'm pretty miserable right now, I cannot forget what a blessing and complete miracle this whole process has been.  So here you have the HIGHS and the LOWS.

Actually, the "getting to drink a beer and enjoy the fall weather" is really something I am looking forward too.  Oops - I think my brain messed up when I was writing that.  Sorry, I'm not changing the image because I'm tired.  You understand, right?  Yep, that's what I thought....

I am going to skip the whole thing that I usually have done because I have no idea how big you are - but I think they said the fruit/veggie comparison is a pumpkin.  And I believe it.  Someone said it looked like I put a volleyball under my shirt - but a pumpkin is about the same, right?  So I believe it.

Am I nervous?  A little.  I really feel like this pregnancy thing has been so good for me.  It's crazy because so many of the things I thought I would be crazy and typical control-freak-Brittany about, I have actually been very calm about.  Labor and delivery...yep, I have no control over that.  That is in the doctor's hands and God's hands.  The good news is - I trust both of them a lot.  I'm nervous, but I just hope and pray that this little boy comes out screaming his lungs out and is big and healthy and all ours.  And that this mama is feeling as good as she can at the end.  That's my hope.

What have we been up to this weekend?  Well - I wasn't sure if you were going to actually stay inside all the way until this date, but as of 9PM on Sunday night, you are still hanging inside with no contractions, so my guess is that you'll hang out for at least 24 more hours??  Who knows - but it has given your dad and I some time to go out to eat (a lot), run errands that we needed to run, stare at each other and say 14 times "OMG - we are having a baby in X days and going to be parents", completely finish the nursery (including some pretty awesome signs with your dog brothers and sister and the mirror - oh yes, the mirror we have been waiting for), clean the house, finish accessorizing the new bathroom, wash some more of your clothes, pack our bags one last time, stock the fridge and go out to a Japanese steakhouse one last time and got the whole table to ourselves.  Yes, it was a productive weekend and now we are officially ready.  All the things that I had on my "nice to have done list" - they are done.  You can come now.  Any time little man.  But if you still aren't ready, sorry we are going to make you come on Tuesday.  I still cannot believe it.

We took one last "family" picture this morning of our little family of 5 before your arrival this morning before church and before we officially become a family of 6 and are parents.  Sorry for the swollen eyes.  Oh I cannot wait to look back on these pictures....haha.

Parents.  Oh man.  I can't wait to see your face, pick your name and hold you oh so close.  Bring it on little baby!!!

PS I spoiled myself with a pedicure today and what color did I get??  Baby blue - for my sweet baby boy!!!


  1. Your last day without a child...oh my gosh I'm so excited!!!! I am so giddy to get the text tomorrow! Hope you can relax today :) Love you!!

  2. I am with Vanessa! Can't wait to hear the news! Praying for your fam. :)