Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Showering baby Calcara!

Along with the upcoming arrival of baby boy Carter, I probably couldn't be more excited for my best friend Vanessa and her upcoming arrival of baby girl Calcara!!!  She is just a few weeks behind me, so it has been fun and very nice to have someone to talk to during this pregnancy.  While we are often complaining about different things (I say I'm too HUGE, she says she's too small - and that my friends proves my doctor's point she made at the beginning of my pregnancy that no one is ever really satisfied during pregnancy and you have to go with it!!!), it's pretty awesome to have someone experiencing the same thing and changes as you are just a phone call away.  Even when those pregnancy hormones come into play and I break down on the phone (sorry V!!), at least I know she really does get it!!

Well she and Chris came into town the last weekend in June and her sister (my sister-in-law...have you caught onto that yet?) and her sister-in-law threw an amazing shower at her parents house!  It was so fun to see all our friends, see Vanessa and her sweet baby bump and give little miss Calcara the presents that she deserves!!  And check out these pictures that I stole from Vanessa's blog post on her shower - it was pretty awesome!!  I love the set up and LOVE the baby watermelon!!

And these cookies??  Oh my goodness!  They were amazing and so cutely decorated!!!

After a super fun celebrity baby names game, it was time to open all these fun presents!!!  She got some pretty awesome stuff, including some neat pillowcase dresses from her mother-in-law.  Little girls clothes are just SO cute!!!

Look at that outfit - oh my gosh!!!  And I love mom T's smile in the background of this picture!!

We then spent some time outside checking out the new play house that Vanessa's dad built!  It was so awesome and all the kids love it!!!  Heck - with the ceiling fan, working lights and front porch - I love it and would have played out there more if it wasn't like 115 degrees!!  Even Brodie, Lauren's sweet little baby boy, loved it and the swing!

Finally, we had to get a picture of all the girls at the shower before everyone took off.  So crazy the next time we'll all see Vanessa she will have her own little girl!!  I can't wait to meet her!!  Love all these girls!

And I couldn't forget to mention our sweet nieces and nephew...they were pretty freaking cute as usual!  They enjoyed hanging out with Brodie too (ahhh - I love him!!!)

Finally, a picture of the 2 moms-to-be and the recent mama to Jackson (Emily, did you really have Jackson just 8 weeks or so ago?  Is that possible?).  So crazy that the 3 of us all are having a baby in the same year, right?  I love it!!  Can't wait for all our babies to get together once they are old enough to play - it will be the perfect combo of baby time and mom time!

It was such a wonderful shower and it was so fun to see everyone.  Our pi phi friends Lyssa AND Mallorie both told us that they are expecting (Lyssa with her second - it's a BOY- and Mallorie with her first) in December - and with the recent arrival of Henry, these little pi phi babies are everywhere!!!  I'm loving it!!! 

We love you little baby Calcara and again, cannot WAIT until you get here!!  I will put a plug in for the fact that we totally vote you and your parents move back to Kansas City so then we can all hang out more often and go on walks and have play dates and you know, everything that comes along with it.  I know I have your mom convinced...now we just need to work on your dad......


  1. Love that black maxi dress on you Britt!

  2. Maybe if we pretend that we're moving back to Kansas it will just magically happen! :) But for now, I can't wait for trips home and play dates!!