Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Here we are: full term baby (37 weeks!)

Well, I officially made it to 37 weeks pregnant and now have the complete understanding of what everyone is always talking about when they say you just kind of get sick of being pregnant.  It’s so true.  It’s not that I’ve had a bad pregnancy at all, for the most part, it has been enjoyable and just kind of mind blowing to think about all the crazy things my body has been doing and how hard it has been working to build and develop this perfect little human inside of me; I truly feel so blessed and lucky to go through this experience.  But like I said, I now understand what everyone is talking about when you get down to the last few weeks.  And apparently it’s very evident when you see me because pretty much everyone is like “yep, you look ready”.  I’m not sure what that means or what look/vibe I’m giving off (maybe it’s the waddle, the fact that he’s dropped quite a bit and I have a cringe on my face walking around because my feet and hips hurt so bad), but it must be a thing or look or aura that you just get when you have gone through it yourself.  But they are right, I’m ready.  We’re ready.  So baby boy, whenever works for us because I’m getting more anxious and excited as the days tick down before your estimated arrival. I still cannot believe I’m going to be a mom to a handsome little boy.  Needless to say, I think there is a reason why women are pregnant for as long as we are.  Besides the time for necessary development, I can truly say that my thinking and mind has totally shifted to “mom mode”.  I actually do sit down when I’m not feeling well and try to take it easy because it’s not just me that could be impacted, but this little man too.  Pretty unbelievable.

In addition to hitting the big 37 week or FULL TERM milestone, we (meaning me and this little babe) actually hit a personal milestone in this pregnancy over the last weekend.  He stayed inside and behaved and we successfully made it through all of the wedding activities and festivities celebrating Lauren and David!  I was so honored to be the matron of honor and stand up next to them as they took their vows July 14 – but I’m not going to lie, this little man had me quite worried he was going to make an early appearance.  At our 37 week appointment, when they took my blood pressure and she said “130” over blah blah (I rarely pay attention to this reading because I’ve had very good and steady blood pressure throughout my whole pregnancy), I knew this would be an issue because all I remember ever hearing before was 120 on top.  Now 130 is not high (after I did my post-appointment research, in addition to my doctor reassuring me of that), but since it was high for me and had not really moved over the last 36 weeks – she was a little concerned.  In addition to the fact that my feet and hands are swollen like balloon animals or a 300lb person…she wanted to check a few things out.  When she uttered the word “preeclampsia”, I kind of freaked out.  Because even though I knew very little about that, I did know that the only way to get rid of that and get yourself and baby out of stress was have the baby.  And it was only Tuesday and Lauren’s wedding was on Saturday.  (luckily she didn’t take my blood pressure after this discussion, as it probably would have been higher)

And since Jimmy was at the appointment and knows more about medical stuff than I do, he made sure to mention to our doctor that I had been working like a crazy person all weekend long and then was at work at 6:30AM Monday and Tuesday and worked long into the nighttime hours Monday night.  In addition to grad school projects and homework and preparing for Lauren’s wedding, he wanted to make sure that she knew I was a little stressed (not to mention the fact our due date at this point was only 3 weeks away).  However, as good of intentions as he had, in my mind that translated to him pretty much telling the doctor I was pushing myself and the baby too hard and putting both of us in harms way intentionally.  So I lost it.  Cried, sobbed, couldn’t contain myself.  However, I’m sure with super pregnant people, my doctor is completely used to that.  She is wonderful and stayed so calm and assured me there was nothing to worry about and that we would just draw some blood and test it to make sure.  On Wednesday morning they called and said everything came back ok and there is nothing to worry about now and they’ll see us again next Tuesday.  I felt a whole lot better after that – but was quite the dramatic moment.  I’m done with crazy work as that deadline came and went last Thursday and am now attempting to take it easy.  Easier said than done, but hoping that my blood pressure is back to normal at our next appointment.  I just kept thinking how disappointed and sad I would be if I had to miss Lauren’s wedding…I would have been thrilled to welcome this little boy into the world, but really wanted to be there to help my best friend celebrate one of the biggest days of her life!!  So it all worked out in the end, but just made me nervous and scared!!!

So while this is a little delayed, as my 38 week mark is just 2 days away…here is a 37 week update!!  I do have lots more fun bump pictures in my fancy schmancy bridesmaid dress!!

How far along: 37 weeks
Size of Baby BOY Carter: 6 - 9 lbs (um that is quite a range...however, I do wish they could tell me something more precise about how big he is instead of saying "going to be a big baby" at every appointment...)
Fruit/vegetable comparison: Size of a winter melon? (not to be confused with watermelon I guess.....)
Sleep: Peeing 5 times a night doesn't leave much time for sleep!
Movement: He's running out of room!!
Unglamorous body changes: I'm swollen everywhere now!  I told Jimmy I look like a sumo wrestler with swollen eyes and big stomach....
Food cravings: Nothing crazy.  I will tell you I'm not eating that great...not making me happy.
What I miss: Being able to walk normal and not be in pain!!  This whole baby's head descending into my pelvis makes it a bit more difficult..
Strange experiences: At least now that we're so close people's comments have changed to "you look great for only being 2 weeks away....".  I'll take it!
Milestones: He's started to practice inhaling and exhaling, sucking, grabbing and blinking!
Best moment this week:  For sure Lauren's wedding.  Pregnant and all, getting to stand up there next to my best friend and listen to her take her vows and then celebrate with her!  So happy we made it there and I was feeling good.  God was taking extra care of us that day!!


  1. You look great Brittany, I'm so amazed by all of this!! You're going to be the best mom ever!

  2. Im so glad everything came back okay! Hang in there...he will be here so soon!!!