Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY crib skirt!

Ok - I'm knocking these posts out because I actually don't have to work tonight and I loaded these pictures like 2 weeks ago and haven't had a chance to write anything - so that's nice!!!  Final DIY nursery post for now, I promise!  There are other fun things to blog about (like July 4th), but I want to get these on here to remember and also if anyone else is looking for inspiration on some DIY tricks to save money.  Also, I feel like I'm doing these in the wrong order now that I'm looking at the pictures, but oh well, you get the point.

So for the crib skirt...I wanted a skirt to hide under the crib so I can store stuff.  Like extra clothes in a tub or diapers or even like super secret baby things that I don't even know exist yet (those exist and you find out about them magically when you give birth, right?).  Well, I bought the main nursery fabric (explained a little more in this post) off of babybedding.com, but didn't like the navy - I felt like it was too blah or something.  So instead of searching, I went to Walmart and bought some Kind size sheet sets.  And I love the color better.  Even though many might say that navy is navy...well kind of.  This one just had more umphh to it. 

I found this great blog that made it look super easy and it really was (especially because using a sheet and cutting around the sides that already have a seam in them - great time saving tip!!).  So I followed the directions and pretty much just laid out the sheet, measured each of the 3 sides of the crib and got to cutting.

Then after cutting, I sewed a small hem/seam on the edges that I had cut and then cut two pieces of ribbon and sewed them together - 4 on the middle section of the crib and 3 for the sides.  I got this cheap green ribbon but only had enough for the sides, so used left over black wedding ribbon for the rest (again, nice to reuse wedding things, right?).

And guess what the next step was??  I bet you know.  Haha.  Like I said, this was SUPER simple.  I just tied all the ribbons onto the bottom of the crib and WHA-LAH (I have now used that "word" in 2 blog posts), you have yourself a crib skirt.

I do think I'm going to add some white and lime green striped fabric to the bottom as an edge that kind of pops.  We'll see if I get around to doing that.  Right now, things are a little crazy to say the least!  But eventually!!  Check it out from another angle!

What I also couldn't forget to document, was this amazing picture I took of my awesome outfit I wore for crafting that day.  Can you say white-trash pregnant lady?  Haha.  None of my clothes fit and it was so hot, so the Phi Slamma Jamma neon green tank top it was.  Oh jeez.

And while I was busy with the crib skirt and valance, my mom was busy getting everything ready for the bumpers she was making that turned out great!  This is in our guest room/Brittany's getting ready room/sewing room.  And Lani (my sister's dog) was visiting and joining in the fun too!!

So there you have it - an easy, cheap and cute crib skirt.  Those 3 adjectives are always a great sign in my book!

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