Tuesday, July 10, 2012

DIY paper circle nursery mobile

I was a little stumped on a mobile.  Did I need one?  And since I bought all my own fabric and made my nursery bedding, where would I find one that matched?  In come the wonderful world of Pinterest.  I mean really, what would we do without it.  As I was trying to figure out the mobile thing and then also what we would hang on the wall above his crib, enter pinterest. It's called "Modern Superhero nursery" and I found it as a pin on Project Nursery.

I liked how it was 2 things, but not the same 2 things.  Plus my friend Erica had already gotten us a SUPER cute print and framed it to hang in the nursery that I love.  So I ended up using this tutorial from parents magazine to follow along with my DIY mobile.  I did this all on a weekend night (I know, I'm so cool).  But I just got some card stock that matched, 2 embroidery hoops (different sizes), some hooks and a super small hole punch.  I already had the 2 inch circle punch from our wedding namecards, so that was nice to reuse!!  Punching, laying out the paper and then manually putting all the little hooks on was not that fun, but I think it turned out great in the end and it was not hard at all!!  I thought it was a good mix of colors that matched the room but also will hopefully stimulate our little man!

LOTS of circles!!!! Because you do two layers...

After I put them all together, I hot glued them on the 2 embroidery hoops that I had painted navy to match the top.  And then the fun part started.  Just like the nursery window valance, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be (go figure again).  So after dragging Jimmy upstairs to help and carefully stringing the big hoop with the navy ribbon and the smaller hoop with the see through stretchy jewelry wire, we tried like 5 times to hang it up just perfect and it didn't work.  We were both getting a little frustrated, but I guess that's why things like this exist BEFORE the baby comes.  Just a good lesson in the patience we will need later.

I will say, once we finally got it up and the picture up, I couldn't have been more excited!!  I love the way it looks.  Check it out below.  And Also, the sweet little sign was from the baby shower that Lauren threw and then check out that blanket!  That is a homemade blanket from a lady I work with that just matches perfectly to the nursery!  I love it and cannot wait for our little man to get here and put all this stuff to use!!!

This was very easy and affordable and I do love that I put the bouncy jewelry wire on the inner hoop because it kind of bounces and it's fun to watch all of the circles move around when the ceiling fan is on.  I think this little guy will like it!!!

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  1. I'm so impressed! You are such a crafty gal Britt! Looks great.