Monday, July 9, 2012

Weeks 35 and 36!

All right - I'm trying to keep up.  Before Wednesday arrives and I'm 37 weeks (UM - yes if you are counting that is full term, which is insane!) - I want to post these.  Not that anyone cares, but I like to have them on here to tell myself I was able to do this every week. For the record - I did actually take these pictures on that week - just the blog post is lacking!!  So onward to week 35 and 36 pictures!

How far along: 35 weeks
Size of Baby BOY Carter: about 4.5-5 lbs
Fruit/vegetable comparison: Size of a coconut
Sleep: Kind of?  Is that an answer?
Movement: Lots of movement - I can tell he is alert (haha)
Unglamorous body changes: Swollen extremities!!  Being 9 months pregnant and the fact that Kansas City has been swept with a heat wave has NOT helped at all.  In case you aren't friends with me on facebook - here is a picture I posted of my feet during this week after a day of traveling in a car 5 hours round trip, walking around stores, retailer meetings and a huge Mexican lunch.  I was forced to sit down that night and ice my feet.  

Food cravings: Nothing crazy this week
What I miss: Having a normal sized frame!!
Strange experiences: Not so much strange.  I did have a retailer comment that he couldn't yell at me because he felt bad because that would be yelling at 2 people.  That was nice of him!
Milestones: He responds to high pitch noises!  Nuts!
Best moment this week:  Getting to enjoy Danny and Kristen's wedding!  It's crazy to think that in October for Jimmy's other best friend's wedding we'll have a 3 month old - WHAT?!

And onto week 36 pictures....this week was HOT!  Like 105 every day.  It was crazy.  But it was nice to have an extra day off with the holiday worked in between!

Yes, I'm posing with a stroller.  I was in love with it!

How far along: 36 weeks
Size of Baby BOY Carter: about 4.2-6 lbs
Fruit/vegetable comparison: Size of a honeydew
Sleep: Not so much, but I hear that is God's way of preparing you....
Movement: Lots of movement - I can tell he is alert (haha)
Unglamorous body changes: Still super swollen.  At least my boss/company are nice and I wear flip flops to work everyday.  No normal shoes fit!  Not even the heels I'm supposed to wear for Lauren's wedding that she bought.  Oops.  Don't worry, I'm working on a back up plan.
Food cravings: Still eating LOTS of watermelon daily!
What I miss: We are just getting excited for this little guys arrival
Strange experiences: Oh the wonderful comments.  Yes, I know I look super pregnant, no I'm not carrying twins.  But thank you for commenting!!
Milestones: Liver and kidney's should be in working order and circulation and immune system are good to go.  Getting ready to make his debut into the world!
Best moment this week:  Jimmy and I went on a whirlwind of errands - exchanging and taking back the things that needed to go back to the stores, getting our stroller (after great discussion on which model we liked best - that included stroller trips around the store....), setting all the big things up like the mamaroo swing, stroller and getting the car seat in.  Feeling more ready each day!

So there you have it - short and sweet, things I don't want to forgot and feelings that I'm sure I'll look back and think "it wasn't THAT bad".  Haha.  However, I can't really complain too much because he and I are still healthy and that's what matters!!

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