Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Celebrating Mr and Mrs Kanatzar!!

Let's back up a bit before I miss these important posts!!  June 30 (yes I know, July is now almost over...) we were so very lucky to help some of our good friends celebrate their wedding!!  One of Jimmy's best friends from high school - well I think they technically met at a track meet in middle school and Jimmy was mean/arrogant to Danny - known to us as "Kanatzar" got married to one of the most amazing girls, Kristen!  Jimmy was a groomsman in the wedding, so that meant even more fun for us because we got to do the bus and sit at fancy tables - haha.  No but really, it was so fun getting to hang out with them all day and we are so lucky to call them friends.

Here was a quick run down of the wonderful (and VERY hot) rehearsal dinner and wedding day!!

The rehearsal dinner was fabulous the night before at the Boulevard Brewery right off of SW Boulevard in downtown KC.  We have been to a couple events there before and it's such a great space and the best part is the patio right off of the room that overlooks downtown KC.  It's so gorgeous!!  It was great to see everyone, including Sara and Jay (remember them?), who were in town from Baltimore and had recently told everyone that they were expecting a sweet little baby in January!!  So that was pretty fun to see them and hang out.  The best part?  Heble's (the best man and groom's cousin and another one of Jimmy's best friends from high school) speech by far and away.  Any speech that starts with "Now some of you are probably wondering if this speech is going to be funny or serious while others of you are just thinking "wow, his face looks a whole lot better from the bachelor party"...".  Oh yes, he fell on his face at the bachelor party.  Luckily for everyone, he recovered and has a great sense of humor!  He was very nervous, but he did a fantastic job and we are looking forward to their wedding this October!!

On Saturday, it was time for the ceremony after a busy morning with my parents helping me hang up stuff in the nursery while Jimmy was with the boys getting ready.  I got zero pictures from the ceremony.  I even tried to "steal" some off of facebook, but still no one has posted them...but I'm guessing it was really just no one took them?  Not sure, but it was a wonderful wedding at Holy Spirit catholic church in Overland Park.

Then it was time for the bus.  Well, the bus was supposed to be air conditioned, but I'm pretty sure it was just so freaking hot outside and there were so many people on the bus going in and out that it really wasn't.  And it was pretty hot.  I felt really bad for the guys in their tuxes.  But they had some fans and at least I got to just sit and relax and put my swollen feet up on a cooler.  And it didn't hurt that the company was great too!!

Mackenzie, Julia and I on the bus
 And of course  Jimmy was in heaven because Danny asked him to make CDs for the bus.  So we were all jamming out to the popular songs (Call me maybe...) and then some old school 90s.  It was great.

And then when I asked for a picture with my husband, this is what he did.  Oh Jimmy...

And then he finally stood up and posed for a normal one.  I like how our outfits kind of match - totally not planned at all!

The bus was very fun and had some good food and drinks (they even had lots of water and pop for those of us not able to drink!!).  Here is a great picture of the next couple to wed - Heble and Mac.  So funny!

Never fear the heat though - they had fans for everyone and guess what I did?  Put it in my dress.  So classy, right?  What can you do....being that hot is not  super comfy in general and for sure not when you are super pregnant!?

After a pit stop at Quik Trip to get some drinks and make a bathroom stop...we headed to the groom's parent's restaurant...Tequila Harry's.  It was fun to see them take some pictures outside.  I believe this is where they saw each other 2 years ago and "rekindled" their flame!!  How fun!

And then our final destination?  The reception at the Double Tree hotel in OP. It was a beautiful ballroom and big enough to nicely accommodate all the tables and guests!  I tried to catch some of them walking in but I didn't have my good camera, so I just got one of Danny....oops.  Well, I did end up liking this picture because you can see the back of her beautiful dress and all the wedding party clapping too!

They immediately cut the cake - which I had some later and it was delicious!

And then their first dance.  They are so cute and such a  great couple!!!  Perfect pair to complement each other!

And the handsome groom...

Oh jeez - and then you have Jimmy doing his stupid wave.  But he does look good!

The food was delicious with salmon (yum) and some steak (unfortunately for preggo people, not a good choice because it was cooked perfect - meaning a little pink and something I could not enjoy)!  After dinner, it did turn into a fun dance party - including a "Show me how to Dougie" performance my Jay himself.  He had his official debut at Sarah and Josh's wedding last new year's eve and then he and his brothers and dad did the dance at Jay and Sara's wedding in August.  Well, of course it had to be shown here.  I still just don't understand how Jay's body is so flexible!!

Overall - it was such a fun and fabulous day and night celebrating a wonderful couple!  They were whisked off early that next day to a honeymoon in Mexico, which I'm sure was fabulous (what honeymoon isn't, right?).  We are glad they are back safe and sound and were able to have such a great wedding day!!!  Congrats you two!!!

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