Thursday, September 24, 2009

Motivation needed please

I'm not sure how the change from summer to fall has been affecting everyone else, but with the change of seasons....along with the shorter days and chillier weather, my motivation has seemed to drop off. Not in anything specific, but really just in general. As it gets darker earlier- I find myself getting tired earlier and wanting to crawl into bed and fall like 8:45. I mean WHAT? That's stupid- I'm sure like 80 year olds don't want to go to sleep that early, so why do I? But this was a hilarious illustration of what Jimmy claims that happens at our house. Expect add 2 more dogs :)

I also have put a halt on Bridal Bootcamp....which is sad, but good, kind of. It was SO awesome as a jump start in getting into shape and being disciplined enough to attend every Monday and Wednesday night (because otherwise $ is going down the drain). But as a birthday present, my mom and Jimmy got me a 2 year membership to 24 hour fitness by our house. I was hardly using it because I was doing bootcamp 2 times a week and then running outside, so the gym was never being graced with my presence. And what a waste of a fantastic present? I decided that after 8 or so weeks of Bridal Bootcamp I had realized how gratifying working out is for the many benefits it provides- not only losing some lbs, but also more energy, confidence, etc- and I would happily do it on my own every day. Eh, then I got sick, then the week passed...and I still hadn't gone one time. That had to stop. I needed some additional motivation! This lady helps me visual my goal. She's so cute!

House projects are also slowing wrapping up....with the installation of the shower door and the completion of the front landscaping (don't worry- I will post pics of that hopefully today or tomorrow! It looks freaking awesome!), there weren't 17 people running in and out of our house every week night and that opened up more time to sit in front of the TV of course. While the timing was perfect with all the new fall shows starting...but still---there are little projects remaining and I must continue to keep up with my "house to-do list". Plant, plant, plant because winter will be here before we know it!!! AH!

With now under 200 days until the wedding....and everything "big" done, I have come to a standstill with wedding planning as well. While the Knot of course still have my list of 50 things to do that I haven't yet completed, none of them seem urgent to me, so I just kind of push them to next week. NOT ACCEPTABLE. And even though every night I think to myself "Bruns, you need to get going on getting addresses for your save the dates, you need to find bridesmaid dresses, you need call the florist"....none of these things are done. I guess I'm a person that likes to operation under pressure?? Who knows. But it's not ok either- I mean the wedding will be here before I know it and slacking is not an option.
SOOOO with all that said. What to do now? I have now let the blog world know the following:
- I long to go to bed the same time as an 8 year old every night
- I don't work out as much
- I'm slacking on the house projects
- Apparently I like to see my wedding to do list build up before I take action
Here is my action plan on the above 4 things to get motivated again:
- I have no plan on this one. I still like to go to bed early- but that means I need to be more efficient during the time I am awake. So instead of sitting in front of the TV on weeknights, getting on my to-do lists and marking off tasks. Then watching TV shows when I have true "free" time. That is what DVR is for, right?
- Classes @ 24 hour!! I have tried 3 different ones so far and Lauren and I are going to another one on Monday that I think will be great. Also, going to the gym (or meeting him there) with Jimmy is something that we started doing and I really like it. It's nice to have someone to hold you accountable!
- Finish up the grant paperwork and turn into the City of Prairie Village first thing next week. That'll be a BIG to-do off the list and then give us some more cash. Then put a time to paint the hallway on the calendar, get the carpets all cleaned (thank goodness this is in the near future), and set aside Sunday, October 4 for backyard landscaping
- Talk to my engaged friends about all the stuff they are doing and make myself realize that I need to get on it ASAP. Go try on bridesmaid dresses, reach out to my wedding planners for recommendations, and start looking @ wedding blogs again (because everyone knows that gets you even more excited!)
While I could have just written all this to myself....I figured that maybe others were experiencing the same desire to be lazy and take it easy with the change over of seasons and that my action plan to correct this before everything goes crazy would inspire you to as well. If not and you just feel like you wasted 5 min of your time reading about my pointless life....I apologize. But I promise my next post will be FUN and full of before/afters that will make you drool.

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