Thursday, September 24, 2009

Weekend Accomplishment: Learn to landscape

All right- nothing like starting landscaping with a blank slate. Except for the fact I have never planted, landscaped or even had thoughts about it before in my life. That posed a bit of a problem. But with the due date of our Prairie Village "front of house" grant quickly approaching, I needed to hop on the front landscaping so I could turn the receipts in. That was what last weekend composed of. Entirely. Except a pub crawl was fit in. And a baptism. Other than that, only landscaping. And believe it or not---I couldn't have had a better weekend. I found my inner green thumb and now all I can think about is next weekend when I get to do the back yard :) It's sick, I know. But so true.
On Saturday, Jimmy went off to Warrensburg with his brother Mike to have fun on Pine Street and watch the Mules take on Pitt State. So that left me to the task at hand!! My first stop was Suburban Lawn and Garden. And let me tell you- those people know their stuff. I told them what I was looking for, the amount of sun/shade they would get, and out of their mouth comes at least 17 suggestions on what I could use. After much discussion and internal debating, I decided I like Azaleas that are the fuchsia color for the west side of the front. I was trying to be thrifty and get ideas there and then go to Home Depot to buy them. However, during my trip to Home Depot there is a reason places like Suburban Lawn and Garden- HD's flower/bushes are not so great this time of the year, so I went back to SLG to buy 6. However....I did pick up a great deal of mulch, peat moss (just learned what that is), and garden soil while I was there. I would like to note- I did load this all by myself into the car. Yes, I am that strong. I know, it's unbelievable!

However, when I arrived back to my house with my dad's car very close to the ground (something I didn't even notice or even think about when loading the millions of bags in), he was not too happy. Something about springs on the car?? Regardless, I was ready to roll.

Here is a shot of the empty slate I was up against. Lots of empty space and lots of imagination and sweat before me! Barb came over to give me Planting 101 of course, which was much appreciated. I now am educated on the importance of spreading roots as best as you can and when planting Azaleas you need to have a 2 in trench around them so water can soak in.

My supplies- ready to go. I had no idea what I was getting myself into at this point!

And all 6 are successfully in the ground. New soil, mixed with peat moss (a 50/50 mix, which was dirty, but fun!). Looking good. Barb had to leave to go take care of my sick sister after this :( So I was to mulch myself!

My action plan. I was equipped with a blade (you know the ones in tool kits) ready to slice the top of every bag, dump 3 in each, and spread. What can I say, I'm just a planning person!?

Next thing I know- I'm done. :) It was off to the shower to get ready for the Waldo Crawldo. I was anxiously awaiting Jimmy's return to see his reaction to my handy work as well.

This was what he saw when he pulled up. Pure beauty right? He was thoroughly impressed. Needless to say, he had no idea what Sunday had in store for him because I was on a landscaping HIGH. My creative juices were flowing.

Sunday morning: 7:30AM- even after a late night out, I couldn't sleep because I was dying with anticipation to design the east side. We had Katy Carter's baptism to go to around I was set on getting all the supplies before then so when we got home we could get right to work. After tilling the hard soil and prepping it for the planting later, I was off to SLG again. I picked up one more Azalea, and 5 boxwoods (that were on sale!). Then off to Home Depot to get some more mulch and soil. While I was there, browsing through the garden section- some red edgers caught my eye. Next thing I knew, I had 5 in hand as "samples" and my flowerbed design in my mind. I hurried home, did a trial run and couldn't WAIT to get started.
On a side note, the baptism was lovely! Trish (Katy's mom) got her hair cut and it looks awesome! Hillary and Bobby are Katy's godparents and they will be such great role models for her!! So year for Carter family fun.
With our 3:00 departure time set, we were off to the Home Depot in Shawnee to pick up the rest of the edgers (since the other one didn't have them in stock). I estimated how many we would need.....and off we were. Also, Jimmy was so kind enough to allow me to get a fountain that was on sale because I loved it and it will be wonderful out front!

Next thing he knew, I had put him to work with the edging design and we were working away. He's such a good landscaper. However, I did get called a slave driver because I questioned his many "breaks" he claimed he had to take, but whatever....I have a good work ethic.

And almost-finished product!! On the far left of the picture where the circle is, that is where the fountain will go. We need to figure out how that works.

And the mulching is complete, I am SUPER dirty, but SO SO happy. I love it!

Hello finished product. What a great addition to the front of our home you make!

AHH-- what a lovely house. Nice new front porch, new walkway, new flower beds/retaining wall. I'm in love. I'm in love with our house. I never knew this would happen. But I love it.

This is just a reminder of the before. Seriously, what were we thinking when we bought this house!!?? So ugly!

Gross! But no need to dwell on that because the Bruns/Carter home is now brand spanking new. And I found a new passion of landscaping. WAHOO.
Is it weird that every morning when I walk out the front door to get the paper, I just SMILE staring at the work. Like I said. I'm in love.
On a side note, the master bathroom renovation is complete and we have a brand new, fully functioning bathroom. It's amazing!! I will post pics next week of it. Also, the back yard concrete is done so now we have steps, a walkway, and retaining walls. And all of our $8K from the government is gone. But that's ok- it was put to GOOD use! No house projects for me this weekend, off to D-town.

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  1. Oh, Britt, your house is soo cute, and I'm jealous you have landscaped! Andrew and I really need to, but it might have to wait until spring...

    Way to go! Can't wait to see pics of the bathroom. :)