Friday, September 18, 2009

Reason to smile: it's FRIDAY!

I don't know about you, but for me this week has been LONG and just DRAGGED on. I think it's because last week was a 4 day work week with Labor Day on Monday so it flew by, but wow.....if I knew how much having that day off would make this week drag along, I'm not sure I would have chose to take it off. With that said though, here is the list for the week...with a more positive spin....because guess what?! It's Friday and the weekend is here...why not make a list of reasons to be happy it's Friday?

  • No work tomorrow or Sunday- duh that's a given.
  • I get to see our reception venue (good old St. Thomas Aquinas Commons) set up for a wedding tomorrow!! That will be fun and make me get excited I think
  • The beautiful weather in KC that is supposed to happen this weekend. So happy I get to work on landscaping outside all Saturday!
  • Jeans day!!
  • All finance lunch/get together Friday afternoon- means the free pass to leave work at 3:00
  • That rocks!
  • Relaxing weekend ahead
  • Checking off things on the to-do list
  • Cool fall nights paired with beautiful days will make anyone smile
  • Football! First KC Chiefs game is this weekend at home- even though they suck, I love how excited KC gets! Driving into work today on Red Friday there were people all around Hallmark selling papers and supporting the team. GO CHIEFS!
  • Football 2: College football: KSU vs. UCLA in LA. Hopefully the Cats will not be embarrassed, but even if they are...I hope Lauren has a fun weekend in LA and at the game
  • Laughing at yourself (everyone has that moment, but on Friday's it's even more funny!): I got to work and felt weird just randomly, then looked down and realized that my tank top that is underneath my cardigan is on backwards. Guess that's what I get for getting dressed in the dark!
  • Last but no least- if nothing else makes you smile...that freaking adorable wiener dog will!!!

I hope everyone has great weekend plans or no plans and gets to relax and recover from the week! What makes you smile this Red Friday thinking about your weekend ahead?


  1. Beer and Football make me smile.

  2. Which Lauren is going to be in LA?! How do I not know this?!

  3. My roommate Lauren- friend from high school :) So you wouldn't know her Ash!! But are you going to the game??

  4. Oh well I am sure I will run into her! Yes we are going to the game and Peter Kelley has organized a party bus to take us from Hermosa Beach to Pasadena... I am scared I haven't done the whole day of drinking thing since Todd Road!