Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trip to Nebraska!

Ok so not only have I not blogged in a while, but holy crap---this week has FLOWN by!! It's amazing to me how when you go out of town combined with a long weekend/shorter work week can go so fast and start confusing the heck out of me what day of the week it is. Guess that's life. But last weekend = being sick + Nebraska trip + fun times with friends.
Last Friday Jimmy and I set out around 5:45PM to our first destination, Omaha, NE to pick up Erica and Andrew. We were all crossing our fingers that Erica would miraculously get on the standby flight that got her out of Dallas at 6:40PM and into Omaha around 8:45PM and we were lucky and she made it on. We did have to make a stop at the infamous Old Mattress Factory in downtown Omaha to grab some dinner. Jimmy is obsessed with the place because that is where he hung out when he was watching KU play in Omaha the year they won the final 4. Go figure- what in his life doesn't revolve around KU...except me :) But I mean that's why I love him. The food was decent, the atmosphere was fun, but the girls in the bathroom that were there for a bachelorette party that got "points" for wearing their bra outside of their shirt (which they decided to make that switch outside of the bathroom stall, which meant a nice boob shot that I didn't want to see) was probably the most entertaining part. On top of the excitement of reuniting with Erica and Andrew and meeting Andrew's wonderful parents, which of course was the highlight!!

Because when guys get together with other guys, the first thing they want to do is "be guys" and drink and when girls get together with other girls they just want to talk non-stop, our seating arrangements for the drive from Omaha to Long Pine were-
Driver's seat: Brittany
Passenger's seat: Erica
Back seat: Jimmy, Andrew, some beer and a movie on Jimmy's built in DVD player that we have never used (but glad it finally got some use!)
Backstory: My allergies were acting up and I wasn't feeling well at all after I mowed the lawn Thursday night (duh!), so I left work around noon on Friday and went home to sleep during the afternoon and try to get some rest. I still wasn't feeling too hot- but I was pushing through. However, but around 2:30AM and I was still driving to Long Pine and we had stopped like 3 times to go to the bathroom, Erica had to take over the wheel because I was getting cranky!
BUT---we FINALLY arrived around 3:30AM to Hidden Paradise, NE....I little community nestled outside of Long Pine where Erica and Andrew (and her parents) would be our hosts for the weekend. The Griffins had already arrived earlier with the shorter drive from Denver...and their pup Tyson. SO cute. I was so tired when we got there, but of course my energy spiked when I saw that adorable puppy! This sign was greeting us in the dark as we pulled up!

The first day was filled with trips to the grocery and liquor stores, one to Pamida because being such a genius I brought NO extra that was a must, and then lunch and tubing down the river. Then that night we headed over to Erica's parents house where they treated us to a delicious dinner and the boys watched Nebraska football, I think maybe KU, and checked in on the K-State scores in the basement while the girls sat upstairs and chatted. We also got to see THE dress that Erica will be sporting at her June wedding which was just as gorgeous as when we saw her try on the sample in Dallas!!
Sunday was another busy day, filled with Andrew teaching us to play baseball the drinking game. While I still wasn't feeling too well, I stepped up and helped the girls team out....and stole LOTS of bases versus Jimmy. That was the best part. Even though the boys won- we still all had that glory of stealing bases vs. our significant others. And Erica's mom caught a great picture that looks like Adam is yelling @ Emily and we are all watching in shock. But that's not really happening at all. Just simple baseball talk- it's just a funny picture though. In the meantime, Tyson was quite a good puppy just roaming around the yard barking at random people floating down the crick. SO cute. He did like to dig a lot- which meant Adam and Emily had to discipline him....which was funny to watch. But I LOVE that dog. He's so cute and I can't wait until he's in KC and get's to meet our 3 pups!!!
I put some other pictures on here that Carol Snyder took- like I say almost every post, I need to start using my own camera, but it does this weird thing and zooms in too close automatically and that's annoying. So in the meantime, that is what facebook is for. I will also mention that the one picture of me in the tube was the only time I was in the tube. I wasn't the biggest fan of the freezing cold water and the sticks/rocks everywhere. What can I say, I'm just not made for floating a crick!?? :) It was fun though- that one and only time!

Picture of all of us as we floated by.

Jimmy sporting his neon Phi Slam tank. Love it.

Andrew being sneaky. I just laugh at this picture and try to figure out what/where he was off to!!

We did make it to the Brown County Fair on Saturday night. Mrs. Griffin did a great job of summarizing that event in her own blog, with our fake "cowboy" names and everything...I was NOT feeling well that night at all, but did partake in some dancing with Jim. Hopefully next time I can be up for some down home country dancing....but then Monday rolled around and we were all headed home. After cleaning up the cabin, saying by to Erica's folks, we were headed back to the Omaha airport to drop the future Wassinger's off for their airport "date" before Erica headed back to Dallas. On our trip to the airport, Jimmy did introduce Erica and Andrew to his favorite radio show: The Covino and Rich show on Sirius and then we got to drive by a real fair in Omaha and see the Qwest Center---which is super fancy!! I don't think I've ever really been in Omaha to realize what a great place it was!
We eventually made it back to KC around dinner time and ate a fabulous meal cooked by Barb Bruns and were so excited to see Milly and Willy! Toby was still at the Carters- and I miss him!! Still being sick (I know, WTF) I headed to bed early to start the short week of work. Here's to more fabulous trips with friends and good times. Thanks for the hospitality Erica and Andrew!!! And it was, as always, entertaining and so great to see the Griffins. You guys crack me up.

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  1. Great summary of the trip! We should make this an annual thing...