Friday, September 25, 2009

Only a dream

Ok so as our summer house projects are wrapping up (thank goodness!), there is one project I'm dying to dive into: the man cave aka family room. However, my other half seems to think that the current wood paneling is fabulous and the aura it gives off is the best thing that came out of the 1970s. I beg to differ. While most of our arguments over house stuff are light-hearted, this seems to be very sincere. Neither of us are budging. So I am now publicizing this argument to the blog world and hoping for everyone reading to hear my story, my reasons, and of course- side with me :)

To start off, if you haven't even taken a look at the Young House Love blog, you should. It's fabulous. It's written by a couple in Virgina that purchased their first house and DIY-ed lots and lots of projects in their old house, and even got married in their backyard!! I love this blog and check usually twice a day. They have some giveaways too, which I always enter and have yet to win....but someday!

Anyways, they had this "den" in their house. It was straight out of the 1970s and was super dark/dingy feeling with the brick all around, as well as one side of the wall with wood paneling. Well, they transformed it with some paint and hard work into a brand new, fabulous looking room! Which is exactly what I'm hoping/praying/wishing that Jimmy will "allow" us to do.

If you forgot, here is what our man cave/family room looks like. This was taken before we moved in, so the furniture has changed, but that's about it. Still has the wood paneling, outdated mirror, and not-so-cute brick fireplace with no mantel (where are we supposed to hang out stockings!???!?!?!).

Here is the Young House Love authors den before their transformation. See the similarities!? It looks so small too.

And HERE is their after. I know that obviously the cool furniture and accessories make it look even better, but how amazing is this?? With only some hard work and paint and time, they literally transformed this space and fast forwarded it about 4 decades to the present. I absolutely love it and have been diligently reading up on how they did it, what supplies they used, etc. I'm ready to go. The only thing I need is Jimmy to give up on the fact that the wood paneling in our basement is the best feature about our house! Come on Jim :)

Any sane person will read this blog and think "WOW, Jimmy and Brittany would be crazy not to do this." I know- I agree.


  1. Ok, here is my best suggestion. I love the new room that that couple did, but if Jimmy likes that "cave" dark wood feeling, then maybe you could talk him into redoing it, but to keep the same sort of feel, with an updated twist?! Wood panneling needs to go. Tell him to watch HGTV- it is bad for resell value. That new room you love it awesome, but probably too grily for a "man cave" if you are going to keep the same name!

  2. That remodel is stupid and looks like a place for tea, not beer and football. Any person who thinks that all white, wussy room is a compromise is smoking drugs. Emily is possibly right, I may give, if we can update the look of the wood, but I refuse to give it up. I asked for one thing in a house and got it and am not giving it up. You got to decorate every other room in the house, with my minimal input, I don't think this is asking a lot.

  3. You guys make me laugh.

    1. Because every house we looked at before buying t hat had wood paneling Andrew thought was awesome.
    2. Because Emily spelled girly, grily. :)

    Okay, you at least half to paint the wood paneling. Maybe go for a tan/khaki instead of a white. Paint the fireplace and put up a nice white manly, bulky mantel. Then, man it up some more with masculine colors for accessories. But, the wood paneling can't remain untouched. Both of you will be happier once it's "fixed". Then you can drink as much beer and watch as much football together. :)

  4. I like Ali's idea. Also we would get to keep the vintage beer signs right?