Friday, September 11, 2009

Black-haired girl

Last night I got my hair done for the first time since April. I was nervous because we have our engagement pictures in less than a month. I was getting the usual cut and color from my usual gal- who I love! But for some reason, every time we dye my hair even if I say I want it a lighter turns out black. And I wanted to look like myself with my normal hair color in the pictures, so I was freaking out about going too dark. So Sarah and I went through the colors, I picked the one that looked almost identical to the current color of my hair and we were off.

Well, this was the result. So yes, I'm a black haired girl again. I know it will eventually fade away back to brown and Sarah felt HORRIBLE me just leaving like that - but it was also almost 10PM last night (way past my bed time)- so I was just ready to be done.

I attached a color swatch for those that keep telling me it's not black!!
On the upside- Emily McClelland came with me and got her hair dyed and cut and it looks FANTASTIC. She's rocking a sweet all-brunette head now and I love it!! She was so brave- this was the first time she's dyed her hair since she was 14. Way to go Em-dog. You look smoking ;) All the guys will be after you now!
So how many times do you think I have to wash my hair until it gets back to "normal", whatever that is? I actually don't mind the color- but I just want it back to normal for my pictures!! Ok...I need to stop being whiney bride-to-be, but just give me this one post to cry about it. Then it's done.

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