Thursday, September 10, 2009

Jimmy's blog

This is so funny.

On our long road trip this weekend, Jimmy made the comment to me that he was going to start a blog. The subject of his posts?? His answer, "It'll be the same posts/stories that are on your (Brittany's) blog, but from my perspective....because you always exaggerate things". I just laughed, because that actually might be funny, but would probably get really old.

Discussion over.

Last night, Vanessa, Emily and I are eating some Goodcents at our house catching up when Vanessa mentions how funny Jimmy's first blog post, but she is waiting for him to post another one. HOLD ON WHAT???! JIMMY HAS A BLOG?!

She was very surprised I did not know it existed and then wondered how she even found it, but we quickly ran upstairs to get on the computer and check it out. Sure enough, it exists and it was his (his first post mentioned he is getting married April 10 and has 5 brothers---that's him).

We let him know that we were checking it out and he apparently forgot it existed. He just made it one day when he was at his old job, but thought he hit "cancel" so it never saved. Well, leave it to Vanessa to find it!!! I'm so glad she did.

So, now Jimmy has his very own blog. Started in June, but up and running officially as of his first "real" post. Love it. He calls it Glory Days Cafe....check it out. I'm sure it will be filled with random things, stories, and of course- SPORTS.

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