Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"My Perfect Man"

Honestly, this post needs nothing but the gchat conversation to accompany it. But seriously, It's things like this that make me happy I'm stuck with Jimmy forever- he can always make my day with a good laugh :) And always thinking of great blog material!

Here is the conversation:

Jimmy: Ill always come over and hang out with you after work babe
Ill be by again tonight to hang with you!
me: no it's fine i'm busy too
kind of- going to jamie’s house
Jimmy: You can smother me with love and hugs and kisses
me: ha
Jimmy: You would love that
me: sure
i just want to sleep
Jimmy: You are you constantly, you have mono. And even when I am around you talk to the dogs more than me
I hope you don’t have mono!
me: oh stop it
and I have already had mono so I can't get it again
Jimmy: Oh. What If I had Willy’s body and my head?
I bet you would like that!?!
me: haha I do love Willy but I like Willy as one and you as a human
Jimmy: haha I’m going to photo shop a picture of that
and send it to you
me: please do
Jimmy: Hahahahaa ok i will
and on your blog you can put...."My perfect man"
me: done
Jimmy: haha
ok hold on I’ll do it now
me: ok

Yeah it's not the best photo shopping, but cracks me up. I will never look @ Willy the same. Just a day in the life of Jimmy and Brittany i guess.

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