Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A drive down memory lane

There seems to be two places in the world that the minute I drive into town...the memories flood. #1 would be Lawrence, KS because Jimmy and I spent a large amount of time during our "courtship" there and it's so beautiful (besides the fact that KU is there---but it really is a pretty city!) and #2 would be Manhattan, KS---however, Manhattan takes the win by far over Lawrence. I swear, every time I start veering right off of I-70 onto good old Bill Snyder Highway aka K-177.....it starts. This feeling that is almost unexplainable to anyone who did not go to college there.
Then once you drive that 8-9 miles through the beautiful Flint Hills and see the first true sign of Manhattan on the left hand side: DARA's!!!, the memories just start flowing through my head. Now this usually happens the best when I'm alone in the car, which happens about once a month when I make the trek to Manhattan for the monthly AAC/Exec Pi Phi meeting. While most of the time I'm like "Man- I can't believe I have to drive here once a month for a 3 hour meeting", every time I get into the city and make my way towards 1819 Todd, I just get so excited. Driving through downtown, by our apartment senior year on 8th and Moro, thinking of the fun times with the girls on 15th Street and those at the house on Vattier, Aggieville-which brings back good times I remember and some times I don't. Then you get to the gorgeous campus with the limestone buildings and beautiful landscaping. Drive by Old Stadium and the Union and of course- good old Calvin Hall :)
Next comes the fraternities...no specific comment there, too many to tell. But LOTS of fun with parties, homecoming, and meeting some great guys. Then driving by the dorms (oh freshman year!!!), one more Dara's and Pizza Shuttle, until you take that left onto Todd Rd. I mean at this point, really my head is so full with wonderful memories I'm surprised I'm still able to operate a vehicle :) From running to that lawn on bid day freshman year until senior dinner---the memories along the course of 4 years with the amazing women in that old brick house are so so so so wonderful and will last a lifetime. From late night Dara's and Pizza Shuttle runs, to full days and nights spent in the smoker, Sunday morning brunch, Wildcat football Saturday's, parties across the street, Van hiding in the drawers, the sleeping dorms, drunk people hopping into a bed in a room- but not their own, getting ready for date parties, class skits, recruitment, birthdays, talking on Skype to the girls abroad, curling up on the couch in the basement watching TV, late plates, and going on dates! And that is not even close to covering all the good times and bad.
It's funny because as the advisor of the women in the house now, we meet with them to discuss the happenings of the chapter on a regular basis- and sometimes in the middle of a meeting I just look around and wonder if they know how lucky they are. To be in college and have that house, their friends, and the wonderful organization of Pi Phi that brought them all together. I only hope they do and that each woman that walks in that black door experiences the same great times that we all got to live when we were there. And also develops the friendships that we did that will last a lifetime :)
Kansas Beta Pi Phi for life!!! haha I knew you all would love that! Can't wait to go back for the 2nd annual PBPPS03 reunion on October 24--counting down the days to being together again!


  1. I am crying at work...how lame am I???

  2. Ditto Kelly! I'm crying and laughing thinking about Van being able to fit in the drawers!!

  3. Seriously...I am so jealous of the girls in that house now. I hate that we have to part ways every time we meet up, like tonight, instead of hang out forever in the smoker.