Monday, September 14, 2009

What frustrates YOU?!

I missed my "list" for last week. Told you I wouldn't be good @ blog deadlines. So I'll catch up!

Today's list topic is "Things that are frustrating". Let the fun begin!!

  • Working with 40+ old people who have a hard time grasping that (2+2)/4= 1. Did you sleep through 5th grade? Yes, I like math but I think that equation can be deemed "common knowledge"....or I hope so!
  • People that are selfish and refuse to see the situation as a whole, only to focus on the impact decisions have on them.
  • Remodeling a bathroom DIY style; it's cheaper, but the frustration.....still not sure it's worth it :)
  • Rude drivers that think they don't have to wait in the traffic lines and can just cut in (this one is for you Vanessa!)
  • People that cheat. On tests, in life, on others. It frustrates me because I just want to ask them the logical thoughts that went through their mind to decide that is OK. All in all- they are really cheating themselves.
  • Late for work and you spill something/dog gets mud on you/splatter something on your outfit and you have to go and change. I can't imagine this one with kids!
  • Kanye West. What is his deal? I mean I know I'm biased towards TSwift---but please get a life.
  • Having your work turn the thermostat to like 60 so you freeze all you buy a space heater, but the first day you use blows a fuse and all the people around you get pissed.
  • People that lack passion in anything that they do. I love working with or talking to people that have passion in the work they do and the life they live. You have to like something in life, right? Life isn't that boring!!!

Ok.....that's all I got for now. But that is just me thinking for like 5 min...I feel like there are so many more!!! What frustrates you so much day in and day out? Let it out-- it feels so good :)


  1. Isn't the answer to your math problem 1? According to the Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally (order of operations) that would be 2+2 first, which is 4, and then divided by 4 equals 1??? Or am I sucky at math now?

  2. Yeah you are right. WOW. That's bad. It's what I meant I guess I just typed too fast....or I slept through math and I'm exactly who I hate!

  3. I am telling my students your story tomorrow... maybe they will stop tipping back in their chair, cutting pieces of paper into a thousand small pieces, sharpening their erasers, and playing with their feather pens.... during math :) Or maybe they will look at me like I am crazy like the do everyday...