Monday, January 25, 2010

Best lines from others

Best 3 things I heard last week:

"Oh, did I tell you I had to get the hymlec manuever on my flight home last week because I was choking on a peanut?" Lauren Miller, work friend, telling me about her cruise the week before and casually mentioning this. Then she proceeded to tell me that the guy that "saved her life" is a travel agent and she's totally going to take him up on the deals he offered her.

"Keep in mind, we are only enriching lives...not building rocket ships" Mark, co-worker, after I sent him an email telling him how I have been working all day on updating this spreadsheet and formulas to link correctly to produce numbers that we have never reported/seen before. Oh Hallmark.

"I'm going to go upstairs with the dogs and listen to Ja Rule, good night" Jimmy Carter. Enough said.

Best 3 things I have heard so far this week (keep in mind folks, it's only Monday):

Maren calling her dad a "street rat" and telling her mom she is going to "hunt her down and kill her". Then Lindsay having to explain to her that it's not ok to repeat the lines that the "mean people" say on Disney movies. Hysterical.

"Did you spit on me this morning?" Jimmy via text message this morning...and yes I did, on accident, during the "goodbye for the day" kiss. It was only a little bit.

"Were you taking pictures of me last night sleeping? I remember seeing bright flashes, which I thought was a fire, but then you said you were taking pictures. I just assumed it was of me sleeping. Which scared me." Jimmy via text message this morning....I was taking pictures of the hallway carpet in which Toby destroyed with his mud stomping. Not Jimmy. That would be creepy.

And here's to a great week of funny people.

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