Thursday, January 21, 2010

Staying busy

So I feel like I am kind of on over drive right now and I need to give up the house projects and really focus on the wedding....that is in 79 days....that I made my outstanding to-do DIY's really long.  Here's an idea....on the weeknights, instead of planning house projects Brittany, how about you do wedding stuff.  AH.  Easier said than done.  I have a sick obsession with house projects.  And wedding projects.  I think I just don't ever want to sit STILL.  What is wrong with me?'s the fun part.  And you're going to be impressed.  So when I was relaxing on Saturday afternoon and watching "John Tucker Must Die" on USA or TBS or something like that....I of course was on the computer pretending to catch up on "work" (like my full time job).  Well, we all know that wasn't happening :)  But I kept staring at our fireplace thinking "GOSH, I just love the mantle, love the white brick, if only the fireplace cover didn't look so 1970s".  I start to google how easy it would be to paint it.  It was easy to paint the brick, but apparently not so easy to paint that.  Special paint, etc.  Eh.  So online shopping starts.  After what I thought was a hard decision to go with silver or black (now I'm like DUH black was the best choice, more "many"), I found a steal on Home  Not only was this on sale, but shipping was free.  Hello...give me our house debit card.  **Pause** Yes we have a house debit card and a wedding debit card.  Don't even think that's weird because I am writing this blog, remember?  I'm a psycho $$ person like that **Unpause** And that's that.  Completed online purchase.  And I didn't even have to leave the couch.

It arrived today!  I was so excited as I obviously have been stalking the Home Depot website to see when it was going to get here.  I pulled it inside because it was heavy and then Jimmy came over and with our team skills (me reading the directions and directing him, him doing all the hard work), we completed the project in about 45 min flat.  NICE.  And without further babbling...I present you with a before and after :)



How great is that $200 transformation?  I'm pretty stoked about the huge difference it makes.  Even though we have 1950s wood paneling, it's a large step in an attempt to transport to the 21st century!

And in other house news, I have been doing extremely well in not buying stuff that is on my registry even though I want it really bad.  But I happened to be strolling through the Target curtain aisle browsing the curtain color I had just registered for in the man cave (you know, to ensure I liked it a lot).  And I found the matching valance on sale.  Like super on sale.  So I bought it.  I caved.  But in good news, the color matches the pillows and rug perfect.  And I, of course, found the perfect spot for my bargain valance!  And hung it myself!!  I think it adds a good "pop" of color.  And is not super girly.  And it will look awesome with the curtains!!

And I cannot get the picture to flip.  Sorry!

Hi Willy face.  Look at how cute and chunky monkey he is.

Finally, I added some decor to our new bench and shelf.  This man cave is coming along quite nice.  Now if my DIY wedding stuff would be coming along just as well..... :)

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  1. I love the black fireplace cover. We are about to embark on a similar adventure with ours...more details to come!