Thursday, January 7, 2010

Gym Stalking

Monday and Wednesday nights at 5:30PM you can find my roommate (Lauren) and I at the gym.  We go to a Turbo Kick class there and have been for awhile now.  It's a great workout and I feel like the 60 minutes just flies by.  By the time we walk out, we are both sweating a disgusting amount.  Which is a good thing.

So now that you know that, I can continue on with the rest of the story.  Some Mondays and Wednesdays, Jimmy meets us up there after he gets off work to do his work out thang.  That might include lifting and cardio.  I'm not sure, because as I said- we are jumping around and Kick/Punch/Jamming in our class.  Regardless, he usually waits for us to get out of class and then I always go talk to him.  Sometimes he creepily stands outside waiting for us.  Now, I didn't think anything of this at all because you are probably thinking the same thing I did "Ahhh, that's nice of Jimmy.  Then he can say hi to his fiance before he goes back to his parents house".  However, if you have read some of my blog know that mind just doesn't work that simplistic.  Because I really started thinking about this "meeting" that Jimmy and I have at the gym and what an outsider might think.  Obviously this is because when I am at the gym on the machines, I people watch (who doesn't) and make up stories in my head about people.  I know it's weird.  But it keeps me occupied and entertained while I move my legs up and down on the elliptical.

Ok so, here it is.  What I think that an innocent bystander might be thinking week after week when they notice each Monday and Wednesday when Jimmy is waiting outside for me.  This conversation is going through the mind of a hypothetical person working out that also people watches.  And goes to the gym on Monday and Wednesday around 6:20PM.  This person is a girl.

Week 1:
"That guy looks kind of creepy standing outside the workout class room.  I wonder who he's waiting for"
Brittany exits.  Awkwardly smiles at Jimmy, then they talk and walk out.
"Wow, so he must have met that girl at the gym and now he was waiting for her to say bye after the class.  She looked at him I wonder if she likes him."

Week 2:
"There he is AGAIN!!  I can't believe he's waiting for her again.  I mean, do you think he'll get a clue that this gym stalking is semi-creepy and that girl probably just wants to work out without a guy waiting for her.  Well, maybe she likes him.  We'll see her reaction this time."
Brittany exits.  Again awkwardly smiles.  ***At this point, this hypothetical story is demonstrating the fact that I think about the fact that people might in fact be watching us.  So I do my best to be super awkward when I greet Jimmy after exiting workout class :)***
"Wow- this guy needs to get a clue.  I don't feel like this girl is interested.  She looks so awkward talking to him.  And they don't touch hands or anything when they are walking out."

Week 3:
"Ok, maybe I should say something to him.  Or the gym management.  I feel like he needs to stop waiting for her.  But why does she keep talking to him?  SO weird."
Brittany exits.  Awkwardly smiles.  Mentions to Jimmy she wants to look awkward on purpose (girl does not hear this)
"I guess she can deal with him, but they have such odd interactions..."

Now that I just documented these thoughts of the hypothetical gym goer....I am kind of realizing it's a much funnier story in person.  Sorry :)  But honestly, it's kind of this game I've made where I try to be super awkward so just in case anyone is watching they think that Jimmy might be gym stalking me.  Why?  I have no idea.  Besides the fact that we are engaged.....but I think if I was the gym goer people watching I might appreciate the wonder and romance progression Jimmy and I show each week to our fellow gym goers.  However, if they did happen to notice I was wearing a ring---this whole story might be ruined.  Unless however....they thought I was married and not just engaged and saw that Jimmy doesn't have a ring on....that would be a whole other hypothetical story.

Random post for the week.


  1. Great Post- laughed out loud. One, because i totally watch people at the gym and remember them the next day/ week... and have their life stories all sorted out the way I think it is.
    And two, the fact that you are now trying to be awkward- hilarious. Poor Jimmy.

  2. First of all, I like that the tag on this post is "random". That's for sure! But I'm really glad I'm not the only one who makes up life stories for people at the gym. Even creepier, when I see girls my age I make up stories about how we could be friends…omg, I am a gym stalker!

  3. Vanessa, you are not a gym stalker, you are just trying to make up for the fact that you need social release because you are alone all day in your house. I understand!

  4. I should also mention that every time I see a girl our age I wonder if we will be friends in Wichita. Regardless of whether she is walking by in the store or in the car next to me driving down the road. I need to get a life...

  5. Phew! I'm glad I'm not alone here!!! :)

  6. You did not have to be in person to laugh at that post. "At this point, this hypothetical story is demonstrating the fact that I think about the fact that people might in fact be watching us. So I do my best to be super awkward when I greet Jimmy after exiting workout class :)"

    I get nervous about starting a blog because I feel you set the bar pretty high.