Thursday, January 14, 2010

Brutally Honest

So today I went to go see my YouthFriend, Te'onnya, over lunch.  With the holidays and her school being out all last week, I haven't seen her in probably 3 weeks or I was excited to hear how her break went and catch up!

I went to get her from the lunchroom and we went into the YouthFriends room at the school where she could finish eating and I could watch her eat...this is because I always eat before I come.  The school lunches there--not so great. Today she had green beans (not bad), some jello mixture (looked gross, but she liked it), french fries (decent), and a weird looking hamburger with 2 pieces of white bread as the bun.  I'm confused...why would you serve hamburgers for lunch with no bun??  If I remember correctly, our school lunch menus always said "Hamburger on Bun" when it was hamburger day....this is weird because I can literally hear that in my head right now being announced during the announcements at Mill Creek Elementary School- good times.  Anyways, that made me curious if on their menu it said "Hamburger on Bread" because I really feel like if you are going to serve a hamburger between two pieces of bread you should specify that.  She tried it and said it was gross.  But still ate it.  So glad I'm not in elementary school anymore.  And makes me thankful that my dad made me lunch every day.  Frozen pineapple juice and all.

ANYWAYS, that last paragraph was a complete tangent and not in the "blog plan" for this post I had devised.  Back to the real point of it.

I sit down next to her and ask how her break was, tell her it's good to see her, nice things....and the first thing she literally says is:

YF: "You look like you are tired and got no make up on"


BB: "Yeah, I'm not wearing eyeliner today"

YF: "Why not?  You look so much better with it."

BB: "I ran out of eyeliner.  Haven't got to the store to buy new stuff"

YF: "How do you run out of eyeliner?  Isn't it like a pencil?"

BB: "I have the one that turns and you get more eyeliner.  It just stopped turning"

YF: "Well, you should go to the store tonight and get some.  You look tired and bad."

Now, why you might think that would make me mad (only for like 0.000002 seconds), but it really didn't.  It made me laugh because I haven't been wearing eye liner all week long.  This girl hasn't seen me in like 3 weeks, so how does she even remember that I usually wear eyeliner, and finally........she is the ONLY person out of all the adults I've come into contact with this week that has been brutally honest with me about my new "natural" look.  And all I can say is THANK YOU to her for her honesty.  It's so funny though because she didn't even think twice about telling me I looked bad.  She just shrugged it off and we carried on.  Oh how I long to be a kid again and have life be so simple.  But isn't it funny how as adults we are trained to rarely say things like that because A) It's impolite and B) It might hurt someone's feelings.  But I think everyone needs someone in their life to truly be honest with them about things.  Did I just find mine?  Haha.

Then we tried to play a game.  That was annoying and hard to understand.

Then we went to the computer and she made me listen to Justin Bieber sing for the 10,000 time because she's obsessed with him.  I got sick of listening to the same some so I made her start dancing.

Then I taught her to waltz...and she dipped me.

Just another day at an elementary school lunch :)  But it was a nice day to break away from the chaos of work and also nice to here some honest words.  FYI- I will be wearing eyeliner tomorrow.

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