Friday, January 8, 2010

Yes I did get stuck in my driveway

So if you don't live in KC, just start off this blog post by saying a quick prayer...because that means you haven't had to live through the last 14 days of snow covered roads, freezing cold temperatures, endless driveway scooping, and massive heat bills.  You can make it quick: "Dear God, Thank you for the fact that I live in ________.  The weather might not have been perfect where we live, but it's sure better than those people in Kansas City.  Amen." yesterday the big snow storm hit.  However, schools had been canceled like pretty much the whole week because it's been so cold.  But yesterday, the snow was going to hit.  In typical KC form, people were freaking out.  I had like 4 people come to my desk Wednesday prepping for stuff because they were going to be gone because of the snow Thursday.  Now, usually when people do that, nothing ever happens and we get like .05 inches.  Not yesterday.  We got LOTs of snow.  And then it blew everywhere.  Which meant, Brittany and her little Honda Civic were working from home.  So that's that.

This morning, I had to go into work. I have tons to do with month end and year end accruals and entries to make (sorry for the accounting lingo).  I get up like normal and get ready faster than usual so I have plenty of time to drive slower on the roads.  I started backing out of the garage my normal way so I can pull driving forward out of the driveway.  Then I decided "man, I will probably run into snow back there.  I should start over and back out like a normaal person."  Instead....I backed into the large mound of snow and couldn't get the old Honda out.  Now I depart for work at 6:30AM so no one else is up to help.  However, as I was getting the shovel out to scrape away the snow from my tires, like the knight in shining armour he is (well, sweat pants, boots, no shirt, snow coat...but whatever, we can all dream right?!) Jimmy comes out and saves the day. 

He gives me the "Really Brittany?  Can you be this dumb?" look...but no words.  Starts to push while I am hitting the accelorator.  I look in my rear view mirror and --- whoops.  There he goes.  Falling on his knees because of the ice.  (Yes Jim, I did see it.  I lied to you this morning when you asked me.  I just felt really bad.  Sorry.  And I feel bad because I laughed really, really hard when I saw you disappear)  After the fall and him asking 4 times why I keep turning my wheels (I don't know why- I just wanted to go left?), I gave up my "pride" and let him take the drivers seat.  And he got it out :)  Nothing like a freezing cold wake up call from your idiotic wife-to-be who cannot seem to back out of the driveway properly.

Thanks Jim!  And hopefully all of you that have experienced the snow issues---either in KC or elsewhere---are safe.  Drive slow and be cautious of other drivers.  Like me.  Who drives R-E-A-L-L-Y slow in this stuff :)

PS New obsession = ichat/skype/whatever device or program you can install where you talk to or see your friends on your computer.  I feel like Vanessa and I have hung out every night this week....but she lives 4 hours away.  Hmmm...I could get used to this!

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