Friday, January 29, 2010

His new trick

Willy is our chunky dog, which most everyone knows. Every time someone comes over to our house they always say "ahh, he's so big!" to Willy. I really think it's because it's a matter of perception sometimes though because they are comparing him to Milly and she's 7 lbs. So DUH he's going to look big.

Anyways, Willy LOVES to eat. Like more than anything in this world...even snuggling with his mom. We are on a strict eating schedule at our house and the dogs eat on the weekdays at 5:10AM (immediately after waking up and going to the bathroom) and then at 4:30PM, when I get home from work. Willy has an internal clock. It's freaky. So that means, he's up literally one minute before my alarm goes off. He immediately jumps out of bed. Then lately he sits there and whines and pants and whines and barks while I take my one minute to go to the bathroom myself (heaven forbid this dog has any sort of patience). So then I open the bedroom door and the SPRINTS downstairs. Milly kind of just makes her way slowly down the stairs. If Toby is there, he and Willy usually race to see who can make it to the door first.

So Willy's new thing is that I open the back door, he runs outside, jumps onto the patio, immediately does a 360 and comes back to the door to come back inside. Now, I usually don't stand there and watch them because they can do their business just fine alone so I go and get the dog food out and put it in his bowl. But the last couple of days, I have noticed that Willy is back at the door to come back in like seconds later. So the last couple of days, I've stood at the door and watched him. And I discovered his trick. And the most annoying thing about it is that after he's done eating, he wants to go outside again because he didn't do his business the first time.

Well, I decided "not in my house" will this happen and I'll be fooled by a dog. So I now stand there at the door, watch him turn and come back, I open the door, shove him back outside and say firmly while pointing at him, "Do your business Willy, or no food". He stares back, if he could roll his eyes, he probably would do that, and then runs to go pee for like 1 second and runs inside. Then he consumes a whole 1/2 cup of dog food in like literally 2 seconds. He is such a weirdo. However, unlike Emily's dog, Tyson, I did find out last night that he doesn't like califlower at all. So there are things that he won't eat. Thank goodness.

Anyways, that's all I had to say. Just wanted to share about my silly dog and his tricky games that I won't fall for. We are also in the process of purchasing the dog's attire for our wedding. I'm thinking that I am going to put a poll on which tux you think Willy will look best in because Jimmy and I cannot seem to agree....

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