Friday, January 15, 2010

Only one day

Last night I had my first wedding dress fitting.   And I. Fell. In. Love.  With the jewelry, the shoes, my hair up (just a pony tail)....I loved it!  Next time, hopefully I will get to try it on with the veil.  But that was the first time that I truly felt like a bride.  A bride :)  I get to be a bride and get married and have a wonderful wedding...and become a Carter!

So while I was standing there, vainly staring at myself, it hit me.....I ONLY GET TO WEAR THIS ONE TIME.  What??!?  I love the way it feels, looks, flows.....why oh why don't I get to wear it all the time?  How sad.  What a beautiful (not to mention expensive) outfit that you only get to wear once!?

That's when the research starts.  Is there truly no other time that you can wear your wedding dress?  I mean logically no....but hasn't someone been crazy enough to wear their dress out in public?  Or shopping?  To the mall?  I had to find out if there were any wedding blog posts titled "Where to wear your wedding dress after the big day..."

No luck at all.

But I did find this link!  It's not a crazy website that shows pictures of people that wear their dress in public (however, I won't stop looking for that), but it's this great site that preserves and stores your wedding dress for $129.  For as much as those dresses cost and if you are interested in getting it cleaned and preserved, it seems like a good deal to me!! So, if you are already married......what did you do with your dress after the wedding?  If you are not......have you ever thought about what you want to do??  Hmmmm.......big thought for the day.

But overall, love the dress---still can't believe you only wear it one time.  But can't wait to get married.  Ok enough mushy excitement for this post :)


  1. Here's another post-wedding option: AHHHHH, can you imagine?!?!

    PS: Can't wait to see it. You're going to be a beautiful bride!!!!

  2. I didn't have my dress preserved, specifically so that my little girl could play dress up in it when she is a little older. Thank goodness I had Katy so my plans weren't ruined! That said, I just had a conversation about this with some of my other married friends. We are planning a wedding dress party so we all have an excuse to wear them again before we all get fat and middle aged and can't button them anymore... And I just wore my tiara on NYE, because...well, what else do you do with an expensive crystal tiara?

  3. I know there are a lot of dry cleaning places that will do it for you too for like 80 dollars. Mine is hanging up in my room at my parents house, but I never felt the passion for mine as it seems you do for your's :) I probably one day get it dry cleaned!!

  4. Brittany, I can't wait to see the BEAUTIFUL dress on BEAUTIFUL you :) I get more and more anxious as it gets closer to the big day.