Friday, January 22, 2010

You are NEVER going to believe this

Yesterday, Jimmy sent me this text message out of the blue saying "Do you remember the date of the assembly in 2003 @ Aquinas when I first saw you?" (If you're confused about this, check out our Knot page, as it will give you more info on this story).

Obviously, I do not remember the exact date. That was 7 years ago. I remember the yo-yo guy at the assembly vaguely, but not the date, nor the time of year. I don't have a good memory about things like that. But Jimmy does and he swears it was in the spring time. He said he was going to look for his old planner from senior year so he could figure it out, but I said I would just email my mom and see if by the off chance she still had the school calendar from 2003 laying around her office somewhere because that would tell us the date. I emailed her yesterday and talked to her on the phone like 4 times, but we didn't talk about that.

I get a text from Jimmy this morning that says: "Did your mom tell you when the talent show was!!!! 4/11/03!!". I'm like WHAT? Are you serious? I text my mom to see if she is making this up. She confirms that she wasn't. Talk about a really big coincidence, or fate or God's plan....whichever you want to call it.

Let me remind you the significance of that date. We got engaged 4/11/09. We are getting married 4/10/10. So math wizards, here you go....exactly 6 years after Jimmy saw me for the first time at an Aquinas assembly we got engaged. 364 days and 6 years (pretty much 7 years) after Jimmy saw me for the first time at an Aquinas assembly we are getting married. I had been contemplating doing a timeline at our reception, something I found on the knot of course, and after this revelation.....I have to. How freaking weird/strange/awesome/crazy/sweet is that? I love it.

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