Thursday, January 21, 2010

Let's cook...I'm hungry!

Ok, so my mom got my sister and I this cookbook she likes called "Hungry Girl 200 under 200".  And now I'm obsessed.  Like this lady is a genius.  She give you new recipes for the fatty normal food that I love (um WINGS) and makes it delicious.  Last night I made this veggie pizza on a stick thing.  Haha.  It was interesting, but with only 255 calories in two of the pizza sticks and the fact that I got to use rest of the mushrooms that I bought earlier in the week for chicken mushroom in the crock pot (which was super easy and delicious as well),  I was sold.  And apparently so was Jimmy.

I'm really sorry that I posted that last picture Jimmy.  Haha.  It was just too funny to pass up.  I'm not going to point out the obvious joke that should go here.

ANYWAYS.  Tonight I made this delicious "fried" chicken that has a skin made of fiber one cereal and breadcrumbs.  And with a low calorie content per 5 small chicken pieces---and neither Jimmy or I could finish 5 ourselves---again, I'm in love.  So next maybe I'll try the pasta made out of tofu like Vanessa did :)  Jimmy won't notice.....right?!  Well now I get her emails everyday with recipes and I have got Jimmy hooked on her articles online that list the best foods to eat at fast food places.  He has decided to join me in the wedding health countdown.

PS Vanessa, you need to blog about e-mealz please!! :)

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  1. Yeah! I love Hungry Girl!! (minus the tofu alfredo, that is) I just made her skinny pigs in a blanket for the K-State game on Saturday…and everyone ate them and had no idea they were healthy. Suckers! haha :) Good idea on the e-mealz--I will do that soon!